Products and services

Complex system of service

– assembly of

  • accessories of power engineering plants,
  • high-pressure and medium-pressure piping of chemical water treatment,
  • deshulphurization plants and equipment for reduction of NOx emissions,
  • incinerating plants for industrial, toxic and municipal wastes,
  • components for nuclear power plants,
  • pressure vessels and industrial piping,

– special assembly work in the field of

  • classical power engineering,
  • petrochemistry, chemical, food-stuff and gas industries,

– dismantling of important technological equipment of any type

– heavy lifting

– technical supervision and supervisory assembly at construction of power engineering units

– technologic preparation of assembly designs

– management and performance of assembly projets

– NDT testing during performance of projct

– complete handing-over of performed work to client

– technologic deliveries of equipment or parts required for repair of plants

– guarantee and post-guarantee service of power engineering plants

assembly equipment 

– suggesting and ensuring special welding processes – INCONEL coating, INCONEL welding, composite material welding, various combinations of welding and related processes, secondary protection of root welds, MIG/MAG welding … core wires with sheath, development processes of field welding with regard to special requirements of client

coordination, suggestion and approval of welding processes for 111, 141, 141/111, 135, 136, 131 methods under construction conditions

– more then 200 WPQR (welding procedure qualification records)