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Profile of SES ENERGY, a.s.

Since March 1, 2013 the success of SES ENERGY, a.s. after purchasing the assets of assembly activities from SES a.s. Tlmače has been based on know-how of highly qualified employees having 50-year experience in the field of assembly of power engineering equipment related to long-term tradition, quality of assembly work and satisfaction of clients.
SES ENERGY, a.s. is an important continuator of deliveries of assembly work and services for constructions, reconstructions, modernizations, repairs of boilers for both power plants and combined heating and power plants, incinerating plants.
The Company has the process quality management system introduced and certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008, the environmental management system according to EN ISO 14001:2004 and occupational safety according to BS OHSAS 45001:2007.
The Company has certificates AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0/HP 100 R/EN 12952, EN ISO 3834-2, STN EN 1090 and all the authorizations and certificates authorizing our Company to carry out assembly work on reserved technical pressure equipment.Since February 2, 2013 the only shareholder is EP Industries, a.s. with basic capital of 5,043,160 EUR.

SES ENERGY, a.s. provides also complex services in the following fields

  • assembly of accessories of power engineering plants – i.e. mills, oil and gas handling systems, connecting piping, condensation and regeneration of feed water, steel structures, turbine halls and intermediate turbine halls, heat exchanging stations and distribution pipelines,
  • assembly of high-pressure and medium-pressure piping of chemical water treatment,
  • assembly of desulphurization plants and equipment for reduction of NOxemissions,
  • assembly of incinerating plants for industrial, toxic and municipal wastes,
  • assembly of components for nuclear power plants,
  • assembly of pressure vessels and industrial piping,
  • special assembly work in the field of classical power engineering, petrochemistry, chemical, food-stuff and gas industries,
  • dismantling of important technological equipment of any type,
  • technical supervision and supervisory assembly at construction of power engineering units.

SES ENERGY, a.s. assembly equipment:

In addition to assembly capacities, in SES ENERGY, a.s. there is available handling and welding equipment for assembly, reconstructions and repairs of power engineering units in the field of classical and nuclear power engineering. There are available special devices for handling and moving heavy loads, DEMAG AC mobile cranes of lifting capacities of 200 tons and 50 tons respectively, EBERSPRÄCHER rope lifting devices of lifting capacity of 2×75 tons, Powerteam hydraulic cylinders of lifting capacity of 75 tons and ENERPAC hydraulic cylinders of lifting capacity of 60 ton, AEG, Weldotherm, Heatmaster  HM 406 annealing equipment. SES a.s. Tlmače has leased a part of their premises to SES ENERGY, a.s. with an administration and office building, stores and free storage area and covered storage areas of 150 m2 used for storing overhead material, tools, fixed assets and inventory. The free storage area is used for storing large-size parts, particularly, lifting equipment and mechanisms. The workshop of operative maintenance of assembly equipment and manufacture of some assembly jigs has an area of about 600 m2 and it is provided with necessary machining tools. SES ENERGY, a.s. is equipped with sufficient small and heavy mechanisms, manual and electric tools and welding devices.

SES ENERGY, a.s. provides complex system of services in the field of assembly work:

  • technologic preparation of assembly designs,
  • management and performance of assembly projects,
  • NDT testing during performance of project,
  • complete handing-over of performed work to client,
  • technologic deliveries of equipment or parts required for repair of plants,
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service of power engineering plants.

Strong points of Company:

  • References of assemblies, reconstructions and repairs of boilers and equipment for power engineering in European countries and supervisory assemblies at construction of power engineering units all over the world
  • Almost 50-year experience in the field of assembly of power engineering equipment
  • Complex activities at assembly (technologic preparation of assembly, management of assembly projects, performance of assembly of power engineering units, technical supervision and NDT testing, guarantee and post-guarantee service).
  • One of larges assembly capacities in central Europe
  • Long-term cooperation with foreign partners
  • Above-standard relations with key clients

SES ENERGY a.s. Vision and Strategy 

Considering the changing market opportunities and to achieve sustainable development, SES ENERGY, a.s. declares its:

Being one of reliable and desired organizations providing complex assembly work and services for construction, reconstruction, modernization and repair of boilers for both heating and power plant, incinerating plants and other branches of industry within European region


  • Stabilization and gradual expansion of current business partners portfolio.
  • Continuous improvement of managing, technical and assembly staff quality.
  • Improvement of financial stability of company and ensuring early and continuous payment of its commitments to make company attractive to business partners and subsuppliers.

Management of SES ENERGY, a.s.

Tlmače, February 2017