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Action Bronson is far better off playing to his strengths. This might sound absurd, at least at first, but Action Bronson could quite easily lay claim to being the perfect rap emcee.

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Two of my favorite beats come from “Prince Charming” and “Picasso’s Ear”, both produced by Knxwledge. Phillip Mlynar of Pitchfork gave the album a 5.1 out of 10, saying "The 26-minute White Bronco, Bronson’s ninth full-length project, largely lacks the piquancy and depth that made him matter."

"White Bronco" plays like a collection of freestyles performed with a live band. I like Action Bronson, but all he's really got going for him is bars and a slightly-better-than-average ear for beats. His latest film, the mockumentary John Bronco, only doubles down on his appeal. The album isn’t a giant rock concert though. I don't really get why people can listen to the mumble stuff and then put down Action Bronson. Jokes are fine, but don't post tactless/inappropriate ones. But for those who prefer his bars to his books or beers, more is needed. The reason he's frequently compared to Ghostface Killah isn't just his cadence and vocal delivery–his verses often hark back to the Wu-Tang Clan legend in his pomp. That being “Brutal”. Outside of that, Action Bronson has never really delivered much beyond braggadocio. Nonconstructive reviews may be removed without notice and action may be taken on your account. It’s not part of the BC series in my eyes. Rating: 4.0 Favorite Tracks: Irishman Freestyle Mt. Lyrically, this is quintessential Action Bronson. Wonderful’ was a succinct body of work, 'White Bronco' has its moments but falls short of convincing as a complete project. Copyright © 1996-2020 BeerAdvocate®.

Make sure you typed in your email correctly. Wonderful’, Bronson has become increasingly at home over a dusty jazz instrumental, no more so than title track ‘White Bronco’, which flaunts his rare ability to produce hits without a hook. All the community rules apply here. His flow isn’t terrible, but I just feel like it’s on the wrong song. His mannerisms resemble that of a mafioso. He then landed a joint venture with VICE Music & Atlantic Records while following up his debut with a couple EPs & mixtapes. Action Bronson is back with his latest album, “White Bronco“. "White Bronco", might be his best effort since "Rare Chandeliers", and apparently isn't for everyone, but that's fine. I don’t really think I’d want another project like this, however. | Respect Beer®. Etna White Bronco Brutal Prince Charming Picasso's ear I honestly think that’s why I didn’t tire of the more rock sounding tracks. Those that like humor and dope beats, sit back and enjoy the ride.

And the charisma that was fully on display in Goggins’ previous work is firing on all cylinders in John Bronco — the role demands grins, winks, and whoops, and Goggins is a master at them all. His character, the fictional John Bronco, is described as the greatest pitchman of all time.

You can't knock his skill, Action Bronson is a sound technical emcee. Need I even review this? If you've been keeping all your eggs in the Bronco basket, some time in the dirt proves the wait should be worth it. A dry throat, for example. No two styles are repeated back to back instrumentally.

Score: n/a with 2 ratings and reviews. Title track “White Bronco” is the album’s most well-rounded track thanks not only to Bronson’s no frills rapping but also to the production wizardry of the Special Victims Unit and Daringer. Join us on Vero, as we get under the skin of global cultural happenings. Comedic tales are laced throughout, from catching a “DUI coming out the Trey Songz concert” to sending rivals on a “hundred-yard tumble” from a single punch to the chest.

In an opposite Migos move, Bronson keeps this tracklist tight with only 11 tracks making the final cut (less than a 30-minute run time). Looking just at the production credits, this has one of the best line-ups of the modern era. Much like Scarlxrd, it’s loud just to be loud. If you’re a fan of Action Bronson, I recommend giving this 2 or 3 listens.

As soon as Goggins flashes a smile, it’s hard not to buy into that mythical status. Those that like humor and dope beats, sit back and enjoy the ride.

The hunt to find Bronco and what his return ultimately heralds — the revival of the Ford Bronco — is a little less interesting for being based in reality. Don't post randomness/off-topic comments.

Don't use this space to complain about the average rating, chart position, genre voting, others' reviews or ratings, or errors on the page. Maybe that’s an attempt to be “grimy”, but it comes off as poorly executed. + Party Supplies and Daringer. Yet there is no doubt, Bronson will be back bolder than ever. HipHopDX rolls out the official Action Bronson White Bronco album review.

Follow Clash Magazine as we skip merrily between clubs, concerts, interviews and photo shoots. Lyrically, he has perhaps become a little lazier with his approach, yet it’s difficult not to embrace his serpentine guise on the mic. Want to impress that dark soul in your life this Hallowe'en? It’s potentially the closest thing Bronson has to a quote-unquote hit since 2015’s “Baby Blue.” Harry Fraud’s contemporary trap-esque production lets Bam Bam and Pretty Flacko get fancy with flows and a rap-a-long chorus. Kimble” or “Mt. All of these exploits draw on his jubilant and compelling energy, producing an adoring fan base as a result. The 26-minute White Bronco, Bronson’s ninth full-length project, largely lacks the piquancy and depth that made him matter. Or everyone will and the general consensus won’t ever really be found. When it comes to the newer independent wave of Hip Hop, the answer to the album's rhetorical question is, in fact, Gunn himself. Oh well, not my problem.

Or an overpowering blend of instruments like on “Brutal”. As I mentioned, he’s also good for a fine dining reference that no matter what, makes me chuckle.

Pop Smoke – “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon”... Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist- “Alfredo” Album Review. Although not his greatest work, ‘White Bronco’ has plenty to offer to keep the people happy. For one thing, there are very few artists with as many quotable bars under their belt as him. The King of YouTube continues to dominate the charts with murderous raps and unfiltered streams of consciousness.

Kimble’ and ‘Prince Charming’ show Bronson at his best. Album intro “Dr. If anything, the closest thing John Bronco has to an equal is Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical. Two of my favorite beats come from “Prince Charming” and “Picasso’s Ear”, both produced by Knxwledge. The only pity as to how relatively slim the film is (it runs just under 40 minutes) is that it doesn’t offer us any more time with Goggins-as-Bronco. Don't comment just to troll/provoke.

The eleven-track album boasts classic instrumentals that range from jazzy and classical to 90’s old school hip hop sounding. genuinely don't understand why this is so low, humorous, male vocals, drugs, sexual, boastful. How can I tell that I'm getting old and maybe a little out of touch with what people consider "good" hip hop? Keep your comments focused on the release. A ction Bronson is back with his latest album, “White Bronco“. Over a classic Party Supplies sample loop, Bronson (a future Martin Scorsese collaborator) raps absurdly amusing lines like “I caught a DUI coming out the Trey Songz concert/Shit was bonkers, Bronson slam like Giannis/Mega wellness hat, I’m unconscious/Don’t drink gin and tonic/Only natural wine to be honest/Your chick plastic like fake rice from China/Staring in the mirror like, ‘I hate my vagina’.”, Not only are the records paced to precision but they’re also side-splittingly funny. A poorly placed feature on an otherwise consistent tracklist. EP, Review: Wale Shreds Police Brutality & Racism With Forceful Bars On ‘The Imperfect Storm’, Review: Pop Smoke's No. The production is a strong point once again on "White Bronco". The John Bronco mockumentary weaponizes Walton Goggins’ charm for laughs.

Leveraging the soul and design DNA of the 1st generation, today's Bronco delivers on the Bronco promise of capability, durability, and … I just like the smooth croons sample "Prince Charming", it's part of the appeal of Bronson's music. I love his style and these, Watch | Anderson .Paak “TINTS” ft. Kendrick Lamar, Action Bronson & The Alchemist – “Lamb Over Rice” EP Review, Juice WRLD – “Legends Never Die” Album Review. White Bronco might be perfectly fine to plenty who can tolerate Bronson himself but this guy just isn’t for me in the slightest, listening to this just makes me upset that there’s legions of people out there who think like this knucklehead.

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