w3 total cache configuration file

Scribd has changed their ways and made download difficult and/or paid, thus the PDF is now uploaded to a free file sharing site.

CTRL+F or from menu: Edit > Find), Copy the full URL of the first .css-file you find, e.g. 2010-10-30: 1.1 Total post re-work and update to the PDF guide. Zemalf.com » WordPress » WordPress Optimization » W3 Total Cache -Plugin: The Complete Settings Guide, Learn how to easily install W3 Total Cache -plugin on your self-hosted WordPress blog and how to configure its settings for maximum speed. Best compatibility with HALF-ASS coded themes: Add stuff to ignore-field as needed (Advanced stuff).

Remove this line from Wp-config file – (define(‘WP_CACHE’, true) ) Delete advanced-cache.php, db.php, wp-total-cache-config.php, and delete the entire w3tc folder from the Wp-content folder. Antti's posts can be used non-commercially as they are licensed under a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons License. Make sure that no W3 Total Cache rules remain in your .htaccess file after you uninstall it. Depending on your hosting setup, it can even save you money as it takes the load and bandwidth off your main server. Ahmad Awais is an award-winning open-source engineer, Google Developers Expert DevRel, Node.js Core Community Committee voting member, WordPress Core Developer, and previously VP of Engineering at WGA. Configuring W3 Total Cache: Advanced Page Cache II, Configuring W3 Total Cache: Advance Database Cache, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. If you like what I'm doing here, subscribe to this blog via RSS or email and connect with me on my Facebook -page. This is where you'll do tweaks for different agents, e.g. 2011-03-28: 1.2 Checked that everything is up-to-date. Page for page.php, Category for category.php, etc. ), Advanced: Configure the CDN settings if you're using one (or skip!

Open another browser window or tab, and open your blog. Step 4: Solve any .htaccess errors caused by W3 Total Cache.

From General settings, you can setup broader level settings of the plugin. If you're uncomfortable to look into HTML source and find CSS- and JS-files there, skip this section. Minify error notification: Enable this to get error notification if something goes wrong. Then upload this file to another site to recreate the same configuration. At this point, you must make a backup of your wp-config.php file before proceeding. ).

General Settings Tab.

But with proper configuration, W3TC does much more, like combining and minifying (compressing & making smaller) JavaScript and CSS-files, and also cache Database queries and make using Content Delivery Network easy (read: automatic). The process is similar to adding the CSS-files, but the problem is that many plugin- and theme-authors are not very good JavaScript coders, so they code can't handle minification. If you want, check 'Combatibility Check' for some info.

The W3 Total Cache is now correctly configured according to Cloudways recommended settings. Uploaded a new version of the extended edition to Scribd. The extended version of the W3 Total Cache guide is available as a free eBook: Download the free W3 Total Cache Installation and Configuration Guide from MediaFire. Change the settings (e.g. You'll see 'Preview settings succesfully deployed', Hit 'Disable' to disable the preview mode and "go live", (as noted at the start, the 'Deselect this option to disable all caching functionality.'

UPDATE: Since then Scribd has changed their ways and made the download paid/difficult, but I uploaded the PDF to a free file sharing site, so you can download the W3 Total Cache Installation and Configuration Guide from Mediafire. Design, code, video editing, business, and much more. Remove Files create by w3 total cache from Webserver. General settings are an overview of all settings of W3 Total Cache plugin. Because of all this, the W3 Total Cache is the best caching plugin for WordPress. Also, you can change the order of the JavaScript files by dragging them, which might help if some scripts need to be in certain order. Again, remove the "?ver=2.4.1" and similar version numbers if you see'em. Don't be too scared about the 30+ 45+ pages, it's a simple step-by-step guide, but there are many options with the plugin and I wanted to include clear screenshots of the settings to make things easy for you. Skip Database Cache-, Object Cache- and CDN settings, as those are probably disabled for now + the default options work OK, even if you do have opcode-/memcache running on your VPS or dedicated server. You don't have to, but if you now go and check your root .htacces-file, you'll see that W3TC has added loads of rules there. Set W3 Total Cache header, set W3 Total Cache for the header, not necessary. Installing and configuring the W3 Total Cache -plugin for WordPress is part of a step-by-step process to optimize WordPress for speed that will make it easier to retain readers and keep the site speed on a level that Google appreciates as well. Design like a professional without Photoshop. Notes: If there is "version number" like "?ver=2.4.1" in the CSS-files URL, remove it. Click on Save all settings. But now you're done, you have succesfully installed and configured W3TC on your blog. Installing and configuring the W3 Total Cache -plugin for WordPress is part of a step-by-step process to optimize WordPress for speed that will make it easier to retain readers and keep the site speed on a level that Google appreciates as well. Connect with the Cloudways Community and Customers on our Facebook Group. After you 'Save changes', W3TC might remove part of the URL, this is normal. Learn to Build Kick-Ass Websites the Hard Way, W3 Total Cache -Plugin: The Complete Settings Guide, How to setup WordPress CDN with W3 Total Cache and MaxCDN, How to create CDN for WordPress with MaxCDN, Disqus LOOPHOLE for SPAM Comments in WordPress, How to Backup and Optimize the WordPress Database, How to automatically backup and optimize WordPress database, Top 4 WordPress Optimization Steps for Speed, How to Analyze the Performance of a WordPress Blog. Edit the wp-config.php file. Add them one by one to W3TC. For high traffic sites, lower the Garbage collection to 86400, or just leave it there by default.

Paste the .css -file URL in, unless the css-file is specific to certain page/template, choose 'All Templates'. In the wp-config.php file, we need to add cache key salt using the define (‘WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT’, ‘yourURL.com’); under * Authentication Unique Keys and Salts. (To check Varnish status, navigate to the Application Management area and click on the Application settings section).

:wordpress-1828-XXX-XXXXX.cloudwaysapps.com) under the Varnish servers section and click on the Save all settings button.Note: These settings will be effective only when Varnish is enabled on your web application in the Cloudways console. TO AVOID PROBLEMS - DO NOT ADD AdSense, Chitika or such advertising code to W3TC!! http://example.com/sitemap.xml. 1) Object Cache: Check Enable and then select Alternative PHP Cache (APC / APCu) from the drop-down menu. Total Upkeep is a complete site management solution with automated backups, easy site restores and site migrations.. Empower Content Creators. Create a backup of your file before you delete anything from it. So first disable object caching in W3 Total Cache plugin. If a script doesn't work correctly when embedded to the footer (before ), embed it to the same location you found it, e.g. In this article, we continue with the setup of W3 Total Cache by looking at setting for General, HTML & XML, JS, CSS and Advanced Settings all of which are located in … Step 2: Configure general settings. However, for performance optimization and site speed, this is essential. Protect Your Websites. The initial steps to speed up WordPress are laid out as the WordPress Speed Challenge here at my blog. In the dashboard, compatibility check is used to check whether the current version of server software is suitable for W3 Total Cache. Go to your blogs page source, find ".js" files. Lead discussions. Well coded CSS will still work, bad ones might get into problems.


Embed script located originally in the , in = Embed in . Enable: Inline CSS minification (checked), Enable (checked): Set cache control header, Disable (unchecked): Set entity tag (eTag), Enable (checked): Set W3 Total Cache header, Enable (checked): Enable HTTP (gzip) compression, Disable (unchecked): Do not process 404 errors, Expires header lifetime: 31536000 seconds, Enable (checked): Set cache control header, Cache Control Policy: cache with validation, (Optional: Check the General Settings, defaults OK, can be skipped), (Optional: Adjust the Page Cache Settings), (No need to touch the Database Cache or Object Cache -settings, the easiest step! If you're on shared hosting, these are pretty much out-of-your-control, but will give some clue in case you have problems with W3 Total Cache.

Database Cache: Disabled ('Enable' unchecked), Object Cache: Disabled ('Enable' unchecked), Content Delivery Network: Disabled ('Enable' unchecked), Enable (checked) - Don't cache pages for logged in users, Disable (unchecked) - Cache URIs with query string variables, Disable (unchecked) - Cache 404 (not found) pages, Enable (checked) - Automatically prime the page cache, Pages per interval: 7 (increase/decrease as needed), Sitemap URL: Your blogs sitemap.xml URL, e.g. Do you really need them all?

The Post and Page Builder preserves site design while allowing creative and editorial teams to create and edit content easily.. Make sure that you activate the plugin. wordpress-1828-XXX-XXXXX.cloudwaysapps.com:8080) and then save the settings. Get access to over one million creative assets on Envato Elements. It is normal that Opcode cache and Memcache extension are 'Not installed', unless you have a Virtual Private Server or dedicated server and have'em installed there. Installing and configuring W3 Total Cache is a simple 7 5 step process, which you can take right now to speed up your WordPress blog: Download the W3 Total Cache Installation and Configuration Guide from MediaFire for detailed step-by-step instructions.

You won't have minify, but Page Cache will work just fine. Locate the W3 Total Cache plugin and click Settings to start the configuration (if W3 Total Cache isn’t installed, then click Add New at the top and search for W3 Total Cache and install it before proceeding).. (In general, interface scripts can be non-blocking, and scripts that modify the content usually need to be "blocking"). Design templates, stock videos, photos & audio, and much more.

Log in to the WordPress admin area of the site with your credentials. Collaborate. Just in case, click 'Veriry URI' to see that the URL is correct. Repeat until you've added all css-files from the page source to W3TC. Introduction. This means serving pre-cached pages to all visitors, even if a page has not been visited recently. Step 3: Locate W3 Total Cache.

Faster Websites. NodeCLI.com. Update external files every: 216000 seconds, Garbage collection interval: 216000 seconds, Enable: Automatically upload mofified files (checked). Installing and configuring W3 Total Cache is not overly complicated, but there are a lot of options in it (even that some are OK by default). So here we will explain to you how to configure W3 Total Cache. Note: Cloudways has launched its own cache plugin called Breeze – WordPress Cache Plugin. Browse to the “wp-content” directory, and look for the following files: w3-total-cache-config.php; db.php; advanced-cache… I don't know about that, but if all goes as planned, there'll be plenty of opportunities for you to buy stuff from me at some point, but for now, you'll just have to get it all for free. This is where you'll configure W3TC and the blog to use your CDN or (sub-)domain to server files in the Media Library, the Theme-files, minified-files, etc. If you completely override our deployment with your application files, you would be at risk to lose all that work. W3 Total Cache Installation and Configuration Guide. Click on  Save all settings.2) Browser Cache: Check Enable and then click on  Save all settings.

Share ideas. Configure W3 Total Cache Settings. It's best to follow the same order of the files they were in the source code (taken that everything was working).

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