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An actor hired to portray the legendary terrorist the Mandarin, he first appeared in the 2013 film Iron Man 3.

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Norriss then revealed himself to be a Ten Rings operative, as he was assigned by the real Mandarin to take in Slattery for impersonating him. Others: Winter Soldier Entertainment: Avengers Training Initiative • Doctor Strange: Journey into the Mystic Arts • Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance Off! An angry Slattery picked one of the dead guards' guns, intending to kill Norriss to avenge Herman's death. Nazis: Adolf Hitler | Roeder | Hutter | Schneider

It's a brilliant performance".

gunmanship,charisma and actor skills Alignment

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Black samurai hair and terrorist's beard, on occasion sunglasses, long dark green Chinese robe, camouflage pants, ten rings on his fingers

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Occupation: | As "The Mandarin" Slattery makes several threatening broadcasts to the President, pretending to kill a man as a "lesson.". Others: Red Skull | The Collector | Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Thunderbolt Ross

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(Aldrich Killian, Eric Savin, Trevor Slattery, Ellen Brandt, Sweat Shop Agent, Ponytail Express, Maya Hansen & Extremis Soldiers) | Vice President Rodriguez

A news reporter named Jackson Norriss comes by for a documentary on Slattery's life. Roxxon |

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Relatives: Eli Morrow | Holden Radcliffe | Aida | Lucy Bauer Ten Rings: Raza Hamidmi Al-Wazar | Abu Bakaar | Ahmed | Omar General response to the character was mixed, with many comic fans criticizing the character and how his reveal affected the film's Mandarin portrayal, while others defended the twist by noting its social commentary and how it avoided the supposedly racist caricature of the comics' Mandarin.

It is revealed, however, that the terrorist known as "The Mandarin" is nothing more than a front created by Aldrich Killian, as a means of covering the latter's illegal activities. Minions Full name

Other characters: Nick Fury • Phil Coulson • Maria Hill • J.A.R.V.I.S. Black suggests we should be far more worried about the well-dressed, amoral CEO than the vaguely defined "Other" of so many bad pieces of pop culture....Part of what I liked about Iron Man 3 was the fact that it did something different.

Guardians of the Galaxy Where some readers saw a slap in the face, I saw a refreshing change. (Season 6) M.O.D.O.K. ", "Hero Worship: The Strange Case of Iron Man 3", "CBR TV 2014: Drew Pearce Talks "Iron Man 3," Ben Kingsley & "All Hail the King, "Shane Black Defends Iron Man 3's Controversial Mandarin", "Marvel One-Shot: "All Hail the King" Review", "MARVEL ONE SHOT: ALL HAIL THE KING Is Great". Restaurants: Pym Test Kitchen Melter |

[9], The reveal of Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3, after only his terrorist Mandarin persona had been marketed, was met with mixed responses, as many fans of the comics opposed the changes made to the original character.

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