tokyo sushi lunch menu

Fri 11:30 am - 2:30 pm / 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm Deep-fried salmon, avocado and green cheese topped with baked spicy scallops, crab and tobiko. Three pieces of tuna, three pieces of salmon, three pieces of yellowtail and three pieces of red snapper. Spicy California roll, grilled salmon, white fish and scallop with crabmeat on top. Kani, avocado and crunchy inside with salmon and tuna on top. California Roll ( crab, avocado, cucumber ), 2. Eight pieces of sushi and California roll. Eel roll, shrimp tempura and spicy California roll. 0. New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia roll. Tempura shrimp, spicy crab, crunch with salmon and avocado on top. Deep-fried crispy salmon roll with spiced mayonnaise and honey wasabi.

Tokyo Sushi Hibcahi Steakhouse.

Four special rolls, dragon, shrimp tempura, spider and super duper roll.

Product by, 1. Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crunch, special mayo, green onion, sprout and pine soy bean. Your order. Sat 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Experience the different customize sushi selection, delicate succulent pieces with fresh unique toppings prepared in a beautiful presentation. Eight pieces of sushi and one California roll.

Tokyo Sushi Roll (10) 14.95 salmon,white tuna,crab,avocado, spicy tuna,shrimp tempura wrapped w.soybean paper,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce. Ten pieces of sushi, ten pieces of sashimi, spicy tuna roll and super duper roll.

Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado, all salmon and a slice of lemon top. Crab meat, cucumber with tuna, salmon, red snapper, white tuna and avocado. Shrimp Tempura Roll ( … 10274 Staples Mill Rd Glen Allen, VA 23060 (804) 501-0999 view map.

Salmon Sushi or Sashimi ( 3pcs ) (no wasabi), *22. Menu (including prices) for Tokyo Sushi may have changed since the last time the website was updated. Sat. Six pieces of sushi and 1 California roll. Super White Tuna : PICK 2 DIFFERENT ITEM FOR $9.25; CAN'T CHOOSE SAME ITEM TWICE. Shallow Ford Roll ( crab, avocado, cream cheese ), 3. Cucumber, Avocado, Kamyo, Asparagus and Lettuce. 5pcs sushi and California roll *Sashimi Lunch ……13.50. ABOUT US. Boston, California and shrimp avocado roll. Breaded chicken deep-fried with katsu sauce, with a California roll. Salmon Crunch Roll ( fried salmon, cucumber, green onion, eel & wasabi sauce ), 14.

Tokyo Sushi Current Page: Menu Order Location Call Us Open ... Maki (Rolls) Sushi, Sashimi, & Maki Combo Family Size Dinner Entree Lunch Specials. : (3:30 pm - 10:30 pm) $ 26.95. salmon,white tuna,crab,avocado, spicy tuna,shrimp tempura wrapped w.soybean paper,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce. Spicy crab and avocado inside with eel and avocado on top. Shrimp Tempura with Lettuce, Avocado and Tobiko. PICK 2 DIFFERENT ITEM FOR $9.25 Sushi Menu. Big shrimp tempura inside with real crabmeat on top. Spicy crab meat and crunchy inside with sliced white tuna on top. Asparagus, avocado cucumber and vegetable roll. Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish and shrimp wrapped with kani and avocado. • does not guarantee prices or the availability of menu items at Tokyo Sushi. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Soup & Salad; Appetizers; ITEMS WITH STAR ARE RAW; Sushi (nigiri) Or Sashimi ; Maki (cut roll) Temaki (Hand Roll) Special Roll; Sushi Bar Entree; Kitchen Items; Kid Menu (for kids under 12 only) Lunch Special; Ice Cream; ALL YOU CAN EAT MENU (Dine in Only) TopALL YOU CAN EAT MENU (Dine in Only) TopAppetizers. Tuna Sushi or Sashimi ( 3pcs ) (no wasabi), *21. Located in the 373 Eglinton Avenue West, Tokyo Sushi One is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Toronto.

Online ordering is not currently offered at this location. Two pieces of shrimp tempura inside with lobster salad and eel sauce on top. Spicy red clam, conch, crunch with shrimp, eel and avocado on top. Deep fried smoked salmon,cream cheese,avocado & crab,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, Smoked salmon,cream cheese,snow crab,jalapeño,wrapped w.soybean paper,then deep fried,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, spicy tuna,avocado,eel & shrimp tempura rolled in pink soybean paper,topped w.eel sauce & mango sauce, Deep fried soft shell crab w.cucumber ,lettuce,served w.eel sauce, Deep fried spicy tuna & avocado, served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, shrimp tempura,cucumber,topped w.crab,served sauce & eel sauce, white tuna,crab stick,avocado,topped w.snow crab,served w.spicy mayo, shrimp tempura,cucumber,topped spicy tuna,crispy tempura flakes,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, Shrimp tempura,cucumber,topped w.salmon,avocado,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, Tuna,jalapeño ,mango,topped w.avocado,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, spicy tuna & asparagus ,topped w.spicy snow crab & crispy tempura flakes, Deep fried spicy tuna,cream cheese & asparagus ,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, Shrimp tempura,avocado,asparagus,topped w.spicy snow crab,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, Salmon,cucumber ,avocado,topped spicy salmon, Spicy snow crab,avocado,topped tuna & white tuna, Shrimp tempura,cucumber,outside w.furikake & crispy tempura flakes,served w.spicy mayo & eel sauce, Kani,crispy tempura flakes,topped w.snow crab & spicy mayo, Eel & cucumber,topped w.avocado & tobiko,served w.eel sauce, Sweet snow crab,mango,avocado,cucumber,wrapped w. soybean paper,served sauce, Crab,avocado & cucumber ,topped w.fresh fish, Copyright (c) 2016,All right reserved.

• Avocado Cucumber Roll ( avocado, cucumber ), *15. Tokyo Sushi - Glen Allen.

Six pieces of sushi and one California roll.

We are proud to welcome you here at our restaurant with a wide variety of Japanese dishes. All variety of sushi and sashimi with a dragon roll. 0. Crab and cream cheese deep-fried with spicy crab on top. Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado. Seaweed Salad. Shrimp, crab meat, mushrooms, scallion, scallop and sliced Chinese vegetables. Sushi Bar Lunch Special (5) Lunch Box (10) HIbachi Lunch (6) Tempura ... Order all menu items online from Tokyo Sushi - Glen Allen for takeout. - Fri.: (11:30 am - 3:30 pm) $ 16.95. Donburi Noodles Bento Grill & Fry Lunch Combination Sushi Lunch Sushi Menu - Nigiri Sushi Sushi Menu ... Sushi Lunch : $11.95: Tuna, salmon, red snapper, albacore tuna, shrimp, surf clam sushi and 4pcs california roll. Cucumber Roll

Spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll and spicy California roll. Shrimp tempura, spicy crabmeat, spicy tuna and eel on top. Tokyo Dowlen. Vegetable Salad. Salmon and cucumber inside with kiwi on top. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Variety of raw fish fillets on seasoning rice. Shrimp tempura and avocado inside with spicy crab on top.

Sushi Tokyo Menu and Price. Spicy tuna wrapped around shrimp tempura. Lunch Menu. Taxes & any applicable fees are calculated at checkout, Party D 18 Piece Sashimi, 10 Piece Sushi and 4 Rolls, Online Ordering Powered By Chinese Menu Online. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Mon 11:30 am - 2:30 pm / 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm View Location 3300 Central Mall Dr Port Arthur, TX 77642 Phone (409) 729-0641 Fax (409) 727-1359. Chop Chop Crab Roll ( cucumber, chop crab ), 5. Sliced beef rolled with scallion in teriyaki sauce. Spicy scallop tempura flakes and avocado with special seaweed paper. Deep-fried dumpling with crabmeat, onion and cream cheese. Crabmeat salad inside with tuna, salmon, eel, white fish and avocado outside. Your IP: Lobster, lettuce, avocado and masago on top. Tokyo IH-10. Shrimp tempura, spicy crabmeat, salmon, lobster salad, avocado and cucumber with yellow soy bean. A roll of assorted fish, egg, masago, crab stick and avocado deep-fried. Sliced tuna wrapped around spicy crab meat.

White tuna, avocado and cucumber inside with kiwi on top. Avocado and tobiko wrapped around spicy tuna and tempura flakes. Powered by, Sushi (nigiri) Or Sashimi. Deep-fried eel, cream cheese and avocado roll.

Onion Soup. The best sushi in Easton, PA. Closed. Fresh tuna on top with spicy shrimp, crabmeat and avocado within. - Fri.: (11:30 am - 3:30 pm) $ 16.95, Fri. & Sat. Click image to enlarge. Tokyo Sushi menu in image format shown on this website has been digitised by Crab meat, tempura and avocado inside with eel and black tobiko on top.

You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Two pieces tuna, two pieces salmon, two pieces yellowtail sushi and one tuna avocado roll. Deep-fried spicy tuna, yellowtail, salmon, white fish roll, spicy crab meat and cucumber on top. Choice of 2 rolls ……10.00. Spicy crab, shrimp, avocado and cream cheese inside, crunch outside. Lunch. Home Menu All-You-Can-Eat Menu Special Gallery Aboout. Spicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy crab roll. Twenty pieces of sushi, and a rock and roll.

Shrimp, Masago, Crunch, Scallions & Chef's Sauce Outside, Roll Crabmeat, Seaweed Salad, Avocado Inside, Sp.Shrimp, Scallions, Crunch, Masago, Chef's Sauce OnTop, Shrimp Tempura, Seaweed Salad, Cream Cheese Inside, Eel, Scallions, Crunch, Masago, & Chef's Sauce Ontop, Salmon, Avocado, Masago, & Crabmeat Wrapped In Cucumber, No Rice, Seawwed, Real Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, Inside, Masago On The Outside, Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, shrimp, striped bass and California roll, Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, shrimp, striped bass, red snapper, flying fish roe and tuna roll, 2 tuna, 2 salmon, 2 yellowtail, eel, striped bass, red snapper, shrimp and California roll, Tuna roll, 7 pieces of sashimi, 5 pieces of sushi, 5 pieces of tuna, 5 pieces of Yellowtail, 5 pieces of salmon, 18 pcs sashimi, 10 pcs sushi, California roll and dragon roll, Assorted sliced fish and vegetables on bed of sushi rice, 1 California roll, 3 pcs sushi, 4 pcs sashimi, Taxes & any applicable fees are calculated at checkout, Online Ordering Powered By Chinese Menu Online. PICKUP ONLY. Shrimp and crab wrapped around spicy crunchy flying fish roe. Sun Closed, © Copyright Tokyo Sushi Clemson All reserve Since 2018Y Nov. View Location 1970 IH-10 South Beaumont, Tx 77707 Phone (409) 840-4255 Fax (409) 840-4253. Breaded pork deep-fried with katsu sauce, with a California roll. Half Cut Tokyo Roll ( spicy tuna roll deep fried w/ 3 kind of house sauce and masago, green onion ), *16.Half Cut Firecraker Roll ( cream cheese, crab, avocado, spicy tuna, deep fried w/ 2 kind of house sauce, green onion ), 19.

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