things fall apart chapter 1 questions

He thought of his own strength and success. Yam foo-foo and vegetable soup were the main ceremonial dishes. They had built a church, won convers, and were sending evangelists to surrounding villages. Where did the missionaries in Mbanta build their church, why were they given that particular piece of land, and what happened to them? He said this would make the ogbanje think about coming again. Explain the significance of Ezinma's iyi-uwa. 1. Ukegbu and his clan took the sticks outside. His favorite child was Ezinma, daughter of Ekwefi. Describe the relationship between Ekwefi and Ezinma. The men began discussing rumors about white men. Previous

Okonkwo asked Obierika why the people had lost their power to fight. When the people began seeing results from their schooling, and had illnesses healed, they began converting. You don’t necessarily have to answer EVERY question, but answering some of the questions for each chapter will help you process the text. Yams stood for manliness, and one who could feed his family on yams all year was a great man. He said there was an ogbanje, a wicked child who, when it died, re-entered its mother's womb to be born again.

This was a special kind of stone that formed the link between an ogbanje and the spirit world. All rights reserved.

Explain why you think Okonkwo kills himself. They ate kola nuts and drank palm wine. The suitor, Ibe, his father, Ukegbu, and uncle met with Obierika, his brothers, his son, and Okonkwo. The only decision the man would accept in the case was that of the symbolic meeting of the clan spirits.

15. Okonkwo's father. He was lazy & improvident. The new prison was full of men who had broken the white men's laws. In your opinion, what contributes most to things falling apart in Umuofia? What did Okonkwo tell himself about his part in Ikemefuna's death? Obierika said it was the kind of action that would not please the Earth; that the goddess would wipe out an entire family for such an action. He made Nwoye feel grown up. He told his sons if they were going to be weak and follow Nwoye, they should do it while he was alive. Things Fall Apart: Study Questions Chapters 1-25. He pictured himself and his fathers waiting in vain for worship and sacrifice. In his youth, he became famous when he defeated Amilinze the Cat, a great wrester.

The men in the hut thought the white men were lepers. He took gifts to a wealthy man in the village and asked him for yam seed. What did Okonkwo bring home from his trip to Mbaino? They were also starting to think that the religion had some substance. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal

How does the black and white thinking of Reverend Smith contribute to Umuofia's downfall? What event did Obierika describe on his next visit, two years later?

Gravity. He often said it was a shame she wasn't a boy.

Where did Okonkwo take his family to live?

He was inwardly pleased, although he would not show it. What was the purpose of the uri ceremony? All cooking and serving utensils were washed. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. What was the reason for the clan's actions against Okonkwo? They liked the trading store and the resultant money that was coming into Umuofia. He is a formidable man, stern and intimidating in appearance; when angry, he stammers. For example, the culture is polygamous; the husband, wives, and children live in their own compound; children are cared for communally. Obierika said that the Commissioner had driven Okonkwo to kill himself. How did Okonkwo feel about his return to the clan? He brewed a potion made of leaves and herbs then put her over the steam. What did Okonkwo do when Chielo took Ezinma? 2. They were thought to be behaving like men if they brought a generous amount. Find evidence in the novel to support this notion. What did Obierika think about after this calamity, and what was his conclusion? The medicine man ordered that there be no mourning or funeral.

The bride-to-be went to live with her suitor's family for seven market weeks. It was thought to be the emanation of the god of water. He said he was afraid because he had heard other stories about white men with powerful guns who took men away as slaves. How did Okonkwo feel about his circumstances? Who was Okonkwo's favorite child, and what did he often say about the child? The oracle decided that the villagers should kill him. Compare the two characters — Obierika and Okonkwo. He beat his second wife, Ekwefi, and then fired his gun at her. The white men managed to divide the clans and they were falling apart.

How did the villagers feel about the coming of the locusts, and what did they do about it? | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} He wondered why a man should suffer because of an inadvertent mistake. © 2020 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Write. 5. He was the clan elder so there was a big ceremony with lots of shouting, drumbeating, and gun shots. What influence did Ikemefuna have on Nwoye? What would have prevented Umuofia's downfall? She had borne ten children, but nine of them had died in infancy. The Christian church had many converts. How did Okonkwo cure Ezinma's iba illness? What was the Commissioner's reaction to the incident? How are the womanly or feminine qualities of the Igbo culture important to its survival? How did Okonkwo being his prosperous career? 4.

flashcard sets, {{courseNav.course.topics.length}} chapters | They caught as many as possible, roasted them, and ate them as a delicacy. Briefly retell the story of the destruction of Abame. Test. It honored the earth goddess, Ani, and the ancestral spirits of the clan.

When Okagbue found Ezinma's iyi-uwa, the people knew Ezinma's troubles were over. 12. Why did the men meet in the market place? 3. The villagers gave the missionaries land in the Evil Forest, because they didn't really want them, and they thought the missionaries would decline the offer.

All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. The two groups finally agreed at a bride-price of twenty bags of cowries.

Nwoye began acting more like a man. In Things Fall Apart, Achebe includes stories from Igbo culture and tradition, proverbs, and parables. He added ten more sticks and gave the bundle back. What did Okonkwo do before he left Mbanta when his exile was ended?

As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 83,000 lessons in math, What did Okonkwo do whenever he thought of his father's weakness and failure? Why did Uchendu talk to Okonkwo about the Mother Supreme? They destroyed the church, but let Mr. Smith and the others live. © copyright 2003-2020 Learn. STUDY. He has a hot temper. 8. They were delighted to have the locusts. Match. The rest of the masked egwugwu destroyed Enoch's compound, then headed for the church. The men didn't go to war unless the reason was accepted by the oracle. What did the village decide to do with Ikemefuna? He was concerned that Nwoye and his other male children would abandon their ancestors. What was the purpose of the ceremony described in Chapter 10? Who had Obierika found among the missionaries? He and his family were forced to leave the clan for seven years. He was full of hate and bitterness, and wanted revenge. STUDY. Terms in this set (76) Why was Okonkwo famous? Learn. Describe the setting of the novel. Test.

Constantly borrowed money that he didn't repay. If they turned against him after he died, he would return and break their necks. What did Obierika tell Okonkwo about his part in Ikemefuna's death? he knew that he had lost a lot of ground, but he was determined to return with a flourish, and regain the lost time. Spell. This quiz and worksheet will cover the following: These assets will use the following skills. Who was Chielo, and why was she important? Then Obierika gave Ukegbu a bundle of thirty short broomsticks. Brought home a boy from the village named Ikemefuna. His father, a man by the name of Unoka, was a lazy do-nothing, who has … the osu or outcasts wanted to be admitted. Created by. She began giving them names like "Death, I implore you" and "May it not happen again.". The missionaries had come to Umuofia. Soon after this decision, the alleged killer died, and the clan agreed not to bother the other Christians. It was more like the companionship of equals, rather than that of mother and daughter. aurlayy. Describe Ekwefi's difficulties in getting pregnant. Terms in this set (44) Describe Okonkwo's position and personality (Chapter 1) Popular and famous All 9 villages knew of his … He said he was becoming a woman. What sport did the villagers enjoy watching during their feasting? No one had ever even thought of killing it. Describe the meeting to Obierika's daughter's bride price. The family treated him well and he began to get used to living with them. He wanted Okonkwo to realize that his despair was not that great, and that he owed it to his family to comfort and support them. 9. To learn more, review the lesson called Things Fall Apart Chapter 1 Summary, which discusses the following: 6 chapters | He mourned for the clan because it was falling apart. He held a great feast to thank his mother's kinsmen for their hospitality. Short answer study questions for Things Fall Apart. His greatest passion was to hate everything his father loved. from your Reading List will also remove any Describe the changes that had come to Umuofia in the seven years that Okonkwo was in exile. Chapter 1 of Things Fall Apart concerns the main character, Okonkwo, his social standing, and the kind of person he is. Mr. Kiaga agreed on the condition that they shave their long tangled hair. She followed Chielo and Ezinma to the cave of Agbala. How did Ikemefuna react to living with Okonkwo's family? English, science, history, and more. Created by. Removing #book#

4. Who came to visit Okonkwo during the second year of exile, and why? PLAY. What did the medicine man tell Okonkwo after the death of Ekwefi's second child? The men of Mbaino, a neighboring village, had murdered a woman of Umuofia, and the men wanted revenge. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the social structure portrayed in Things Fall Apart. bookmarked pages associated with this title. What is the role of women in the novel? What was it about Nwoye's actions that disturbed Okonkwo so much? Full Glossary for Things Fall Apart, Next What were Okonkwo's greatest fear and greatest passion? 's' : ''}}. He concluded that the clan had to punish offenses so that the Earth would not lose her wrath on all the land, instead of just on the offender.

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