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Anybody interested to know more about NISARGA Nature & Outdoor education activities please do contact me at or call me at 99800 17105 / 99025 91345. Some are remembered because they were extraordinary brilliants, some because they wer. At the wedding of his daughter in Mysore Mr K Pugglendi presented each of his guests with two fruit yielding tree saplings. srikantegowda n September 24, 2013 at 8:52 am design an open newl staircase for an office building in a room of inner dimension 3.25×3.25.width of stair =1m.floor to floor height=3.60m.stair has to be provided along all walls and all four flights carry equal number of steps.draw the plan and sectional elevation of any one flight. Every day, we make it a point to talk to at least two neighbours. He owns 2 schools in Davangere and they are coming up with the new school campus at Karur both residential & day school. If we look back into our School Life today... we wonder if our teachers still remember us..?

I wonder at what stage is the Prasanna-Ashwin initiative to tree-line Mysore's Devaraja Urs Road.

This method will control the growth of the root and ensure that the roots grow vertically downwards thereby preventing damages to the pavements and road. We are Friends Of Roadside Trees. We dig the pits ourselves, ask the homes around to provide us with decomposable waste, plant the trees, provide thorn protection and water it.

Recently, Aditya, a SJCE student and volunteer at Vivekananda youth forum convinced me to start tree planting in a different way; No laborers or money involved but instead we do the task ourselves. This is about taking care of trees in our neighbourhood; about celebrating life by planting on vacant public space.To share your thoughts/experiences as contributor e-mail

Mr K T Srikantegowda, MLC, has used his public position and stature to influence people and officials to join him in a mission to plant trees in his area. To prevent haphazard growth of roots of roadside trees, insert a pipe along with the root of the plant into the soil so that the water supplied does not flow horizontally.

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That is when I suggested instead of going for ornamental and exotic trees if he would be interested to go for Native & Fruit bearing trees and also landscaping with more Butterfly host plants. Nature Study while on Trek to Hebbe Falls, Leave behind your MEMORIES - Tree Plantation at Karur Public School. We are Friends Of Roadside Trees. On one of such program I met Santosh who is young and so passionate to give one of the best of the best education to his students. The idea is to encourage and support the population of Birds & Butterflies inside the campus which in turn justifies all our efforts in introducing the Nature & Outdoor education Curriculum (activities like Workshop on Birds, Butterflies and also Biodiversity Study etc) for the students. Although I always loved planting trees, I never used to get into the grassroot level.

He is reported … As we were on Summer Nature Camp at Kemmangundi one of the nights we were talking about doing planatation and landscaping at the new campus.

We at NISARGA, work a lot with schools as we do Nature & Outdoor based education programs all across Karnataka. "Wish if more Schools can adopt this IDEA".

This is about taking care of trees in our neighbourhood; about celebrating life by planting on vacant public space.To share your thoughts/experiences as contributor e-mail

I was never so convinced about this kind of grassroot level work until now.

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