smart meter reading

So if your first dial is clockwise, the next will be anti-clockwise, and so on. For smart gas meters, your reading will be a number followed by 'm3'. If there are more spaces in the meter reading form than you have dials, just enter zeros at the beginning. Both rates will be charged on our simple Igloo Pioneer tariff.

and gas by Ofgem. 'IMP R01' followed by a reading. London EC2M 3TQ. You can use these digits before the decimal point as your readings. This meter reading is 0722. And for most types of meter, the Bulb app can submit your reading for you using your phone's camera. This article explains how to read your smart electricity and gas meters.

This is your electricity reading.

Which number is day and which is night varies from meter to meter. To find your gas meter reading, you should look for a number followed by M3. What if I’m on holiday and can’t send meter readings. Can cut costs.

In the example above, the reading is 334. Smart meters are being rolled out across the UK as part of the Government’s ambition announced in 2017 to have them installed in all homes by June 2025 at no upfront cost to customers. For smart gas meters, your reading will be a number followed by 'm3'. If you're ever unsure about how to read your meter, give us a ring on 0300 30 30 635 or email a picture of your meter to and we'll be able to help.

Our registered address is 155 Customers with meters with up and down arrows should press the arrow at the top and you will see a row of digits followed by M3.

The meter will cycle through the display settings automatically. You should record both numbers.

Energy companies show how you are using energy in your online account and app.

DON'T MISSLockdown shocker as households face paying £288MILLION in power bills [INSIGHT]Martin Lewis: Should you get a smart meter? Furthermore, smart meters are coming together with a portable device called, In Home Display , which shows the electricity and gas consumption in pounds and pence. Save time.

Remember, you can submit your readings in seconds in your, • 'Low' is your night reading (56315 in the example above), If the pointer is directly on a number, check the next dial to the right. Press the 'A' button until you see 'Credit On', then press it again to show 'Meter Index', and again to show your readings.

Press the green A button continually until you see ‘Total Act Import’. If the pointer is directly on a number, check the next dial to the right. How to read your Smart Meter. Martin Lewis: Should you get a smart meter?

The number shown below is the meter reading. Energy networks manage the wires and pipes which distribute gas and electricity, and use the data to improve their systems. Get Smart and you could start saving.

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