simtek smart sensor

Meet Simtek’s motion activated alarm for guns and storage spaces: a wireless security sensor that sends encrypted alerts when your safe, storage unit, or gun is being accessed. Real-Time alerts for your gun safe, storage space, and more. It's totally self-contained - and works in 200 countries. Within 15 seconds you'll get notified to your phone - anywhere in the world. Dual security system ensures an extra failsafe in events where the first layer of security, if any, is breached. This can help everyone feel more safe if they know when the high value items are being accessed too. You'll be charged once per month. Once it’s setup and registered, just set it and forget it. The Simtek Duo is security and safety that doesn’t slow you down.

Smart Tech Challenges Foundation – Gun Safety Through Innovation, Smart Tech Challenges Foundation on Twitter, Smart Tech Challenges Foundation on Facebook. Patent D833897. Schaftfräser aus Feinstkornhartmetall mit drei Schneiden, für das Zirkularfräsen ab Ø 1,4 mm.

Copyright © 2019 Simtek Inc. Place in any dark and motionless space that you want to monitor - like a safe, storage unit or trailer. When someone gets inside, Simtek's light sensor or passive infrared motion sensor will Add'tl Patents Pending.

$142.20 Als zentraler Teil der SIMTEK Gruppe widmet sich SIMTEK mit großer Begeisterung und viel Herzblut der Entwicklung, der Fertigung, sowie dem Vertrieb von Präzisionswerkzeugen für höchste Anforderungen. The Simtek Motion Activated Alarm combines with your smartphone to send you real-time motion … All rights reserved. America based small business and A+ rated on BBB. Triggers when light or motion is detected. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to protect or where it is, it can offer added peace of mind. Von SIMTEK entwickelt und im Haus gefertigt, um höchsten Anforderungen zu entsprechen. SIMTEK entwickelt und fertigt Präzisionswerkzeuge für das Stechdrehen, Drehen, Zirkularfräsen, Nutstoßen, Gewindewirbeln und Mehrkantfräsen. It allows you to add more users to monitor your safe.

Die SIMTEK Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH wurde gegründet im Jahre 1994 und steht seither für Hartmetall-Präzisionswerkzeuge höchster Güte, Qualität und Leistungsfähigkeit.

Once it’s setup and registered, just set it and forget it.

SpyGoodies covers security gadgets and spy tools. Für Bohrungen zwischen Ø 7,0 mm und Ø 40,0 mm. This motion activated alarm lasts up to a year on a full charge.

Here is a smart motion sensor that helps you keep a close eye on your gun or storage spaces.

Simtek makes it easy to monitor physical valuables without worrying about connectivity or power, just like a gun safe. We're here to help you and appreciate your business. Simtek doesn't rely on a power outlet/wifi or hubs. Rock-solid reliable.

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