seth raynor style bunkers

To measure Raynor in recent memory, recall LPGA players defying the par-3 11th at the 2019 U.S. Women’s Open at the Country Club of Charleston. “We now have the equipment to manage things like high grass faces in bunkers.”  That allows for flat-bottomed bunkers surrounded by sloping grass walls like Raynor originally built. 9 may be even more valuable to the “Lion’s Mouth” template than the Lion’s Mouth itself. His creative genius is to make a flat property naturally resonate with charm and interest. The church pews have undergone some major changes since the original Oakmont Country Club design by Henry Fownes. The former is set in the South Caroline lowlands, weaving through draping live oaks and scrub brush.

Brown: Camargo Club, in Ohio, and Fishers Island. So where will the next big Lion’s Mouth news piece come from?

16’s green. Brian Silva began a long relationship with the club, restoring green dimensions and bunker styles, and eventually the club established a relationship with Fazio Design during 2014 (Tom Marzolf has been handling the design work). Jim Urbina (panelist since 2015; has played 69 of the Top 100 Courses): Along with C.B. His unfinished projects were completed by his assistant, Charles Banks. Seth Raynor's Fishers Island is known as one of the top golf courses in the world. Raynor designed the course to replace an existing one on the property. Two bunkers sit side by side with a bump (nose) between them, making them appear similar to nostrils.

Very passionate about golf course architecture,” Hennen says.

Macdonald was so impressed with Raynor’s engineering knowledge that he hired him to supervise construction of the course. But neither of those are what truly strikes fear into the hearts of golfers. the intimidating bunker laying at the feet of No. Serves a family of four and includes dinner rolls and salad! The best hole I ever played: Inside a penal, strategic and heroic 18th, The magic number? For one, Keith Rhett and Riley Johns incorporated the concept during the drivable No. You’re waiting to see certain template holes, like a Redan or a Punchbowl. A golfer familiar with his geometric tees, his deep, flat-bottomed bunkering, and repeatable templates finds fun and whimsy when seeing how seamlessly they fit into their environment. Both make playing to the center of the green the ideal option, but the Charleston version is head-on for the approach. Here lies the Lion’s Mouth, a template (in some circles) that Raynor didn’t attempt to place at every routing. The bunker is deep and difficult to escape, but it is just as much about the angles it forces players to consider from the tee. The string of bunkers on the left subconsciously persuades golfers to aim a bit right, away from a steep drop-off farther left. You can see GOLF’s latest Top 100 Courses in the World ranking here, and meet all of our Top 100 panelists here. Seth Raynor and C.B. Hennen notes that once you cross that rubicon, winning this green isn’t all that challenging. But the use of natural surface drainage (lack of catch basins) and green sites that employ more traditional interior movement rather than edges that fall off are a big departure in Pete’s work. The club will celebrate its Centennial in 2023. Our par-3 8th climbs a hill to a Raynor-type stair-stepped green. Here’s a book concept for any number of the golf historians / architecture aficionados I follow on Twitter: The Redans of Raynor. Sorry! A chapter dedicated to every Redan that Seth laid out. Noel Freeman (panelist since 2010; has played 81 of the Top 100): The great thing about Raynor courses is that when you play a new one you already feel the familiarity of the strategies he built his template holes upon, yet there is a freshness and originality to each course. Fox Chapel, like many of Raynor’s most esteemed tracks—Fishers Island, Camargo, Yeamans Hall—is essentially a collection of templates spun to the local land. One of only a few Raynor courses in the world, it had undergone numerous changes—both natural and manmade—in its near century of existence.

Seth Raynor knew how and where to place fairway bunkers to not only challenge you if your shot ended up in one, but to interfere with your vision of the hole if you decided to take an aggressive lay up line.

Raynor also showed his talents on the non-template greens, such as the intriguing 3rd at Shoreacres, or even the subtle and confounding green contours at Lookout Mountain. This bunker usually sits off the front left portion of a green with little depth. His marsh-fronting design at Yeamans Hall is one of the best examples of that philosophy, particularly on the 425-yard opener, which has a Principal’s Nose bunker 85 yards from the green. There is also great diversity in his bunker arrangements. Yeamans Hall and Shoreacres are tied as my second favorites. Raynor placed bunkers to punish missed shots, but his bunkering was also highly strategic. Macdonald or featured only a limited amount of his input. Put these 4 steps into play for smarter course management. His proverbial thumbprint was always consistently straightforward yet nuanced. Those changes, and other rounds of edits, sat for nearly half a century.

“We didn’t really get any pushback at all on the Lion’s Mouth. With all the focus on templates, though, I don’t think Raynor gets enough credit for how good his greens are. What’s the most common hazard in golf? Palmer’s fearless work, including opening up the corridors to reveal the rambunctious slashes around the course, puts a spotlight on Raynor’s wonderful strategy and it has greatly amped up the drama of half the holes. This is the latest in a series of investments made to Fox Chapel Golf Club.

Shots along the ideal line to any hole typically must carry or flirt with bunkers. Raynor had an inexplicable magician’s quality to build the classic palette of UK template holes continuous with the land form so they feel a part of the natural terrain. A major restoration of the course under the direction of Ontario-based architect Ian Andrew began this fall and promises to present players with some new and interesting challenges. You could argue that without Raynor, there might not have been MacKenzie as we know him. In addition, the club’s archives yielded an aerial photograph taken in the middle of the construction project in 1926. So let’s keep that momentum moving into 2020. On the par-5 4th, there are again bunkers guarding the opposite side of the fairway. This is a tribute to Hole O’Cross, No. New facilities include a fitness center with two locker rooms, massage room, and ladies’ locker room.

Others are so iconic that no one would dare copy them. Raynor chose a simple routing to explore the island, incorporating the shoreline into many of the greensites.

Lopatcong, NJ 08865, Mailing Address: PO Box 130. On the par-3 10th at Pine Valley, shots hit into the front right bunker (known as the Devil’s A******) will still be there years later. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As longtime member Bill Losapio pointed out from the tenth tee, “You can now see play on five holes from here. I also was not a big fan of Lookout Mountain, where there was just too much severe slope to overcome. Bunkers are the center of the current restoration, with both location and style changes undertaken to sharpen their challenge to par. Brian Curley (panelist since 2011, has played 65 of the Top 100): Some are confused by the flat-bottom bunkers and grass faces in Raynor’s work, thinking there is a Pete Dye look at play. But let’s be honest: It’s not so tough to beat the bunker.

9 to trim fat during the Depression, while consulting for various Pittsburgh clubs (a letter regarding his work, although leaving the Lion’s Mouth unmentioned by name, is featured at the bottom of this post). Consider the original (Raynor-and Macdonald-designed) Lido Golf Club on Long Island, where a young Alister MacKenzie submitted the winning entry to a design competition that helped him make a name for himself. For one, although both feature some degree of false front, Fox Chapel’s will allow some run-up (more on that in a minute), while Charleston’s monstrosity makes such an idea absurd. That’s a fact as of the 2020 playing season. Fox Chapel’s has the angle, of course, but it’s worth noting the green extends a tongue to the left side of the Lion’s Mouth, while the right side remains tucked behind. I once saw a guy putt a ball out of bounds on one of the greens that is just off the edge of the roadway.

This rendition of the Lion’s Mouth green separates itself from Charleston’s in numerous ways. “It’s a great golf course but some of the details were lost over the years,” according to Andrew, who adds that the goal of the restoration is to adapt the design concepts of Seth Raynor and Charles Banks to the modern game played by Knollwood members. and GOLF Magazine are published by EB GOLF MEDIA LLC, a division of 8AM GOLF, Here are the 5 most famous bunkers in golf (and how to conquer them), The 5 weirdest design features in golf and what makes them so strange, How I found a fantastic and inexpensive golf getaway (with a mansion), America’s Best Golf Road Trips, Part IV: The California Swing, from Pelican Hill to Pebble, How (and why) golf course architects use visual deception to fool you. Raynor helped show us what architecture could be. “It’s going to change the playability of many holes,” he says. A view of Yale University Golf Course in New Haven, Conn. Additional information about the renovation: Background: Seth Raynor, who died prematurely in 1926 at age 51, is known to have designed or worked on some 50 courses (plus others that were never built). The club is already moving forward with restoring some of Raynor’s other headline-worthy features, including the original reverse-Road Hole green at No. Our golf course pays tribute to golf's best architects from 1885-1955. The principle nose bunker on the 16th hole at the Old Course at St. Andrews. Course Rater Confidential: What makes Seth Raynor designs so special? A number of Raynor courses have undergone loving restorations of late, but none with the strict adherence to his original plans and concepts like Fox Chapel. Our par-3 8th climbs a hill to a Raynor-type stair-stepped green. First, consider the hole at this point during 2019. The geometric nature of Seth Raynor’s architecture worked especially well in hilly terrain. 9. The one you can find on (almost) every hole on every course. So how do members feel about the newly challenging No. The USGA holds U.S.

Raynor courses masterly employ subtle but effective surface drainage, resulting in a very natural tie-in to its surroundings. 9? Since then, Coore and Crenshaw built a fantastic lion’s mouth template at Sand Hills and Gil Hanse built one at Rustic Canyon.

The smart shot is often to play out backward.

The angling of the Fox Chapel green, as well as its spine, add a new dimension to play, depending on flag position.

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