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For the flexibility of two channels with twice the power, go for the Dual Terror. If it’s a power punch of sound and clarity to create an atmosphere of unbridled harmonics, the Crush 20’s custom 8″ Voice of the World speaker is basically a force of nature. “It’s a quite vintage-flavored amp, with more perceived clean headroom than our other 30-watt amps.” In other words, you can think of TremLord as a “Fenderized” Orange, or maybe an “Orangized” Fender.

Buying the best guitar amp for you is pretty much the toughest gear decision any player will make. Based around Orange's... Killer Orange tone doesn't have to come from massive rigs. Now let’s take a look at five of the best amps of all time, the Orange amp line up. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. It’s nice to close up an article with a perfect 10, and this device, the Orange Crush 12 is a perfect 10, (or 12) since it combines the smooth low sounds of a practice amp with the power and rage of a full-scale performance amp.

I get my favorite sound by using the “Full” front-panel setting, then choosing a 30- or 15-watt output by using either four or two tubes. This model is a small and lightweight amp that is best used for warming up backstage, using for practice or just jamming in the bedroom. I recall the intimidation I felt staring at the stage of a Boris show, two Orange amps … TremLord, however, aims for brighter, tighter sounds and higher headroom while adding tube-driven tremolo and reverb in classic SoCal style. I get a nice classic crunch that is very responsive to guitar volume. This is a single channel combo amp that comes with a 3 band EQ and dedicated Overdrive control. The amp’s solid-state rectifier adds additional tightness and spank. His music appears in many films and TV shows, plus an incriminating number of jingles. Amps are not stand alone devices; they work in collaboration with a pre-amp, a speaker and an instrument. These amplifiers have a heritage that stretches back literally decades, to 1968, when Cliff Cooper began making the amps … Electric Guitar Amps – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide! TremLord 30 puts a new spin on the signature Orange sound with brighter, more articulate tones, greater headroom, multi-speed trem, and sopping-wet reverb—splitting the distance between California and Hertfordshire. Finding your next guitar is not easy either, but there’s something about a guitar that lets you know it’s the right one. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness.

It’s a bright, clear model optimized for headroom and it ensures that TremLord stays brighter and maintains clean tones at higher volumes than other Orange models in this power range. This 20 rt fits the bill. The Orange Stereo Micro Crush CR6S is a 6 watt solid state amplifier with two 4 speakers that can run off of an AC adaptor or two 9 volt batteries. No more miking the amp. On Channel A, the tone controls are well placed for shaping sound in a fairly traditional, familiar manner. Orange, California, is the next town over from Fullerton, Fender’s historic home. Five stars, Orange! Clean sounds are gorgeous, and the tone controls allow for lots of shaping to get your sound. But it’s flexible enough to cover just about any style you might request of it.

Orange Amplifiers are considered to be one of the leading brand names in amps on the market, and they produce a nice range of amps to choose from. Still does not have quite the tube crunch I like with my Fender Super Champ or old Vox AC50 but all the other pluses wipe out the one negative. But the real winner among my guitars was my mongrel FrankenTele. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I don’t know how they did it, but this little gem sounds like a 4x12. This amp is a steal! I was using a Fender Rivera Super Champ but playing in Punk clubs in crappy parts of town I needed something reliable,light weight, good sounding ( close to my Fender) and cheap and replaceable if it gets stolen. For simple, straight-ahead crunch and chime at reasonable levels, the Tiny Terror rules. The eq and reverb on this amp are great. Sound guys are blown away by the tone I'm getting out of this little amp once it is mic'd up. You have to remember that sound is wavelength, and this can be created by any solid state device with enough micro-circuitry connect to the right speaker to create perfect tones and harmonics. Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2019. We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file. You can change tremolo speeds and activate trem and reverb via footswitch, though none is included. Thunderverb 50 Integrated Amplifiers – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide! Since this is an Orange, there is no impact on the quality of the output of the device, and you get perfect harmonics and tones from a small yet Orange powerful 3-watt amp. An amplifier? Reviewed in the United States on September 27, 2020. So, when I review the Orange 20, I’m trying to be realistic and not just validate my own purchasing decision. This is the Orange Micro Crush PiX 3 Watt 9-Volt Mini Amp. It’s a circuit-board build with all pots and jacks mounted directly to the board. Its small, it is powerful and don’t call it a dwarf, ‘cos its bark is going to chop you up. When investing in an amp, consider all the features you need, and only invest in an amp that provides you with the versatility that you require.

I tested the amplifiers through a 1 x 12″ Orange PPC112 cabinet loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. These are the perfect speakers for combining with an Orange amp but built specifically to perform perfectly with either the Micro terror and the Micro Dark amps. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. This little amp has some serious beef and balls! Better yet, the attenuator is footswitchable, so you can set the attenuator for your rhythm volume level then switch it off to let the volume rip for leads.

Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. It’s tonally flexible but always has an “in your face” quality with rich, “thwacking” presence. This is a low impedance model that is powered by a 9v battery, so it were easy to carry around and used wherever and whenever you want. Phone Hours |

Orange Amplifiers Micro Crush PiX 3 Watt 9-Volt Mini Amp, 5. The Dual Terror is a compact “lunchbox” two-channel all-tube amplifier that has a unique power-switching scheme. Bass Amps Under 300 – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide! It provides similar clean to medium-high gain to the Tiny Terror channel, but is voiced to crank out chunkier, thicker bass and fuller low mids. Test the amp by twiddling the knobs and checking its performance with your guitar.

This channel provides clean to medium-high gain sounds with tight bottom end, good presence, and that EL84 chime and grind. The ability to connect to a PA through the headphone jack is incredible! The amp is loud enough if you have the space but it also works well in the house. Channel A has gain, bass, mid, treble, and volume controls, and offers clean to medium-high gain. Compare the first audio clip, recorded at a loud 30 watts, with the second one, recorded at one watt. The tuner is good once you get use to it. She will tell you where it is when you schedule the appointment. The clean channel is bright and crisp while the dirty channel gives you plenty of options for distortion, from just a bit to some nasty feedback driven bite! On Channel B, the shape control spans from powerful, present mids to nu-metalesque scooped mids. On the obvious front, it’s much larger and heavier than the Dual Terror. The built-in tuner is a nice bonus feature. Full controls including Instrument input, gain, overdrive, bass, middle, treble, and volume. The clean channel is very nice and smooth. On the inside, it’s powered by two EL34 tubes for 50 watts of power versus the DT’s quartet of EL84s. On a guitar with vintage-output pickups, high volume settings are tough and gravel-voiced with well-defined note attack. I’m an absolute novice guitarist, but I have 40 years of experience listening and playing music. As such, when you go to buy an amp, you need to make sure the instrument you use it with you to test the amp. Design, CMS, Hosting & Web Development :: ePublishing. Yes, there’s a built-in attenuator that allows you to crank the gain and channel volume for power amp distortion while keeping the overall volume output manageable. The range and taper of the bass and treble pots provided all the adjustments I needed, and I didn’t mind the lack of a midrange control. Decent starter amp with a couple of quirks. The Orange Crush Mini is a 3-watt amp that was recently redesigned for a more classic tone output. Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018. Orange is a British company and grew up alongside the legends of the 60’s such The Animals, The Beatles, the Bee Gees, Donovan, Marianne Faithfull, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Herman’s Hermits, Tom Jones, The Kinks, Manfred Mann, The Rolling Stones, The Tremeloes, and The Who. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. If your dreaming of playing in stadiums but are currently still firmly locked up in your bedroom, then the Orange Crush 12 is the perfect amp for you. The tone was simply huge, with great punch and presence. 100% on reliable,lite weight and cheap. I can honestly say this amp has greatly exceeded my expectations. It is virtually identical to the Tiny Terror amplifier circuit – simple and toneful. With such a pedigree of users, all of whom at one time touched an Orange amp, its no wonder that Orange is considered to be one of the favored amp producers of all time and their products are beyond reproach. Privacy Policy | After playing this amp for about 5 minutes, I covered my other amplifiers with dust covers.

It’s a big, beefy-sounding amp with a lovely mix of girth and openness. Citrus Sparkle This model comes with Micro Dark shape controls, which includes cuts or boosts the mids, giving fat mids through to scooped tones. Lots of options by using the gain with the dirty channel. Learn More. (Unless you’re accustomed to carting an AC30, in which case TremLord will probably feel svelte.). Dual Terror The system is designed to provide digital performance with analog amplifier circuitry, and it comes with an integrated chromatic tuner. With the different EQ controls per channel, you have a lot of flexibility for dialing in two contrasting or complementary tones. Terms Of Use.

Tiny Terror Its small, its Orange and its 3 watts. Revere sounds amazing, the tone is on point, and frankly one of the best built in distorted channels I’ve run into.

The circuit board is neatly assembled using relatively heavy-gauge wire. Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2019.

Actually, everything’s heavy—TremLord tips the scale at 53 pounds. Guitar Amps Under 150 – FAQ & Buyer’s Guide! Honestly, the “T” in the name is the weakest point, and I’d be just fine using it if I didn’t have more accurate means of tuning! The overdrive five you that wide range of dirty tones, which ranges between sweet and crunchy to rich and thick. Price point surprising for the quality and performance, Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2018.

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