marshall code 50 external speaker

The CODE 50 when playing backing tracks / using it as a Bluetooth speaker is very quiet (So the master is wacked up and the playing guitar is extremely loud). Even with no guitar attached. I was thinking maybe Celestion...any thoughts would be appreciated Thanx, Code 25 sound is intermitent through the speaker, but fine through headphones. Så jeg ville have en god modelling forstærker med 12" og valgte CODE 50 pga: - Bluetooth betjening med mobil - 12" højtaler med fuld lyd for guitar - Mulighed for 100 presets Jeg glædede mig meget til at få min Marshall CODE 50 og den så super godt ud, der som den stod … Thanks. 3)  Has anyone modified the back of the amp to open it up? A couple questions. I've tried turning the preset volume way down and use Master and this works to an extent. Code 50 speaker suddenly stopped working but getting sound through headphones. I also got a Marshall DSL40C and wishes change the stock speaker to the same speakers: 12" BlackHawk HP alnico - 100 watts or 12" BlackHawk alnico - 50 watts . I first took the screws out of the back and leaned it back against the wall to try the amp with an open back. What’s the story with this speaker?

I used a 4 Ohm Jensen 100 W and I think that was wise because I noticed on the plate on the back of the CODE 50 that the output is 75 W as opposed to what I THINK most people assume to be a 50 W output. Amp modellers are guitar DSP effects units that emulate the sound of a range of amplifiers and speaker cabinets. CODE50. But that is not the way I want to use the Code 25.

I'm not a big fan of the closed back sound, especially on small combos. And then you have the noisegate cranked even for clean tones. Okay, I couldn't resist.

Am I basically throwing presets out if I change the speaker? The 25/50 Silver Jubilee Series was created in 1987 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Marshall Amplification and 50 years of Jim Marshall being in the music business. Sync with your phone or online so it’s always with you for those creative moments. I believe, from forums, that a preset will switch better (Marshall CODE footswitch) if the preset has the same amp, speaker and or cabinet setting as it takes away the millisecond delay of switching between amps in a particular preset.

CODE412. Messages: 5,038.

Not full range by any means. Hi, Do someone know if the "custom voiced" speakers on a CODE 4x12 8ohm cabinet are the same as in the mg412a cabinet ? So, it should come as no surprise if I was misinformed, foolish enough to think that someone employed by Marshall whose job it is to respond to questions posed on these forums actually gave a knowledgeable response.

Dimensions (W x H x D): 530 x 440 x 280 mm, Matching equippment: programmable foot switch (not included), Ikke anvendelig som øveforstærker i lejlighed, Vores mest populære Modeling combo forstærkere, Marshall Modeling combo forstærkere vises her, Vis Modeling combo forstærkere i priser fra 1750 DKK - 2250 DKK, til produktgruppe Modeling combo forstærkere, til produktgruppe Combo forstærkere til elguitar, til produktgruppe Forstærkere til elguitar, Her er informationer til producenten Marshall, Marshall Guitarer og basser vises detaljeret, DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Amp/Cab Simulator, Salgslisteplacering i denne produktgruppe. 1) I noticed people talking about putting a Celestion G10 Greenback in it. I'm wondering if that is causing the boomy vibrating noises this amp likes to make. Ide be they could be found cheap off craigslist, might have to get the whole organ just to rob em out of though.

Brooks Member. CODE50. Designed for the CODE100H, the CODE412 TM is fitted with custom speakers specially made to manage the variety of tones available in CODE amps. I then pulled the speaker and tried one I had laying around.

Try a full range speaker out of an old organ from the 70s they have the most flat frequency response because an organ covers a wide range. The mg cab is loaded with celestion g12-412mg 8ohm speakers that look like celestion rocket 50 but seem to be rated at 30 watts ... because the cab is rated 120w... some AVT cabs are loaded with celestion g12-412avt and some with celestion rocket 50 but AVT cabs are 16ohm (maybe the cause of suffixes change on the g12..) I've browsed  the celestion website to find some answer and the only one that had the same magnet is the rocket 50 and is rated to 50 watts... i would like to know what kind of speakers are on the CODE cab and if the mg412a cabinet sounds about the same as the CODE 412 cab with a CODE 100h head ...i don't like the format of the CODE cab...but want to keep all the tone modeling capabilities of the CODE 100w head. I found that it didn't sound too bad, but it was quite a bit more bassy and boomy with the back off. Code is nothing like that but is a bit fuller, just seems a bit muffled and noisier than I'd like.

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