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In May 2015, Su and other AMD executives presented a long-term strategy for the company to focus on developing high-performance computing and graphics technologies for three growth areas: gaming, datacenter, and "immersive platforms" markets.

Relationships are the cornerstone to Su’s leadership philosophy. Fortune attributed the "impressive" statistic to Su, stating she "continues to execute on her comeback plan ... key gains in graphics and video gaming console chips have boosted results as well as a savvy deal to license server chip designs in China". Su has hired Dell’s Forrest Norrod to oversee AMD’s enterprise, embedded and semi-custom business group and former Qualcomm and RF Micro Devices executive James Clifford to be AMD’s senior vice president of global operations. Su said her strengths as a leader are having a strong vision, communicating it clearly and knowing the amount of work it takes to get it done.

Austin Woman: What are three pieces of advice you would give a woman forging her own career path? Today, the company’s stock is worth more than $69 a share—a comeback story almost unheard of in this highly competitive industry.

[15] Both she and her brother were encouraged to study math and science as children,[17] and she was seven when her father – a retired statistician – began quizzing her on multiplication tables. Her mother, an accountant who later became an entrepreneur, introduced her to business concepts. [27], After the initial launch of Zen chips in quarter two 2017, AMD's percentage of the CPU market share surged to nearly 11%. Despite the fact she runs a company worth $66 billion (it was worth $2 billion when she took over as CEO), carries the mantle of being the only woman CEO of a semiconductor company and travels the world almost constantly, she didn’t hesitate to pack up and stay at a New York hospital virtually round the clock for three months when her mother fell gravely ill last year.

“She’d rather take it on the chin personally than blame it on someone else,” Donofrio said. [17], Su has been recognized with a number of awards throughout her career. LS: “They’re proud. [14] Su was again named one of the "50 Most Powerful Women in Technology" by the National Diversity Council. Her weakness?

Twelve of the finalists were selected by Laurene Powell Jobs, founder and chair of Emerson Collective and widow of Steve Jobs; Daniel Lurie, founder of the poverty-fighting organization Tipping Point; Ronnie Lott, the 49ers’ Hall of Fame cornerback; Anne Wilson, the chief executive officer of United Way Bay Area; and Zhan Li, the dean of the business school at St. Mary’s.

[7] The copper technology was launched in 1998,[8] resulting in new industry standards[21] and chips that were up to 20% faster than the conventional versions. [12], In 2015, SFGate nominated her for their inaugural Visionary of the Year award, which "salutes leaders who strive to make the world a better place and drive social and economic change by employing new, innovative business models and practices". What I noticed when I came here is we had a lot of good people but weren’t systematic in how we made them better. “She’s earned every title. No one is going to advocate for your family better than you are. With a quiet confidence and humility, she credits her parents—who emigrated from Taiwan to America when she was 2 years old—for much of her success. She won The Chronicle's high school scholarship in 2001 and landed a summer job as a copyperson at the paper, delivering mail, answering phones and writing news briefs. Her achievements and contributions in diversity in an industry criticized as being dominated by men resulted in her being named a finalist for The Chronicle’s first Visionary of the Year award. This is one of 13 profiles of nominees for The Chronicle’s inaugural Visionary of the Year award, which is presented in collaboration with St. Mary’s College’s School of Economics and Business Administration. Revenue sunk 13 percent to $1.2 billion. Under Su’s leadership, AMD expanded into the graphics and video games chip market, becoming the chip provider for both Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles. Lee graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in history and wrote for campus newspaper The Daily Californian. [2] By February 2015, roughly 40 percent of AMD's sales came from non-PC markets, such as video game consoles and embedded devices.

The award will be presented during a ceremony in March. and Equilar since 2011, reported that Su received $58.5 million in 2019.

WANT GIRL POWER SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX? The way I grew up was you study hard, you work hard and you always have to strive to be the best. When other AMD employees challenged Su’s efforts at diversifying the company’s products beyond chips and processors for personal computers, Su stood her ground, said Nick Donofrio, an AMD director who has known Su for 25 years. We especially like Lin’s Chinese Restaurant downtown. Founded: 1969 in Silicon ValleyNumber of employees: 12,015Percentage of woman employees: 24 percentMain product: semiconductor devices used in computer processing. When asked if she plans to ask for a raise, Su said that is not on her mind right now. And she is always there for me.”.

In 2018, she made $13.4 million. Growing up in Queens, New York, she spent her time as a child taking apart her brother’s broken remote-control cars and repairing them. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. “If I can help you do 120 percent of what you thought was possible, that’s fantastic.

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