justin thomas swing sequence

Justin Thomas shares some fresh ideas on how to smash your tee shots. There are several factors, including: 1) how he uses the ground and 2) how he launches the ball high off the clubface; and 3) how frequently he finds the center of the face. © 2020 DISCOVERY GOLF, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He notes that Justin looks athletic, his legs flexed and arms extended. Justin’s left shoulder blade has turned all the way back so that it’s facing the original ball position and his chest is left of the target. FAVORITE MOVE No.

You can see almost all of his chest, even though his hips have only just begun to turn.

And you can draw a line from the clubhead up the shaft to his left shoulder.”, Justin Thomas He does this warmup drill several times between 0:23 and 1:10. “I’ve been more like a coach with him than a teacher.”. As Justin's left arm reaches parallel to the ground and his shoulder turns under his chin, his legs are exactly where they were at address. "The golf swing is from the waist up, and the lower body supports that.". His noticeable “jump”at impact (both heels off the ground) slows his body rotation for a split-second, transferring all that energy and speed into the clubhead. For amateurs at home, you want to feel like you’re sitting into your right glute and quadricep. Copyright © 1996 - Terms of Service Justin Thomas shows us how to execute the no backswing swing as he warms up for this golf clinic. WAIT FOR THE TURN Thomas shifts laterally toward the target before he begins unwinding his body—the same sequence you’d use to throw a football or hit a baseball. The longer you keep your arms, the more rotation you’ll get from your spine and the deeper you’ll turn your shoulders on the backswing. Borrow JT’s impact essentials shown here and you, too, will see your shots rocket farther down the fairway. Don’t fight it. He’s already fully loaded into his trail side here, which he’s done by lowering himself to the ground through the knees and hips. Here's a look at some of the best photos of the Match II with Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady from Medalist Golf Club. You can see all of the spikes on his trail shoe, which alleviates a lot of torque and strain on the lower back. 3. More News 2020 Sanderson Farms Championship live coverage: How to watch Round 2 on Friday 3 things to …

This helps him rotate through faster and really accelerate the club into the finish. August 24, 2015 By Roger Schiffman ... 145 pounds | Jupiter, Fla. | Driver: Titleist 915D4 7.75 degrees | Ball: Titleist Pro V1xJustin Thomas …

Image of Bryson DeChambeau and how his body has transformed, through the years, from an NCAA champion to becoming a multiple PGA Tour winner. View a slow-motion video of Justin Thomas' swing >, USE OF AND/OR REGISTRATION ON ANY PORTION OF THIS SITE CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF OUR. Justin played two years at Alabama, where in 2012 he was voted the nation’s top collegiate golfer. "But balance is an indicator of a good swing.

Swing Sequence: Justin Thomas. 3: There’s no letdown in speed. “You can’t teach that,” his father says. By Justin Thomas… You know you’ve done it correctly when, as Thomas shows here, your hips are more open than your shoulders at impact.

Now he’s hitting it with the longest drivers on tour, averaging 275m (T17, total including carry). Just how does Thomas generate so much power from such a slight frame? “I got lucky and had an easy student,” Mike Thomas says.

Effects Of Power Privacy Policy. Check out the photo gallery and GCA lead coach Ron Philo's analysis to learn more. Maintaining the connection ensures that you don’t drag the handle ahead of the clubhead through the strike— a distance killer.

Justin Thomas Swing Sequence March 2016. 5. As Justin’s pelvis is moving forward and up, his lead shoulder is traveling up and back, which is what allows him to hit up on the ball and launch it high with low spin - the magic formula to hitting 300-yard plus drives. The angle of Justin’s trailside forearm isn’t overly steep, which allows him to swing his arms down in front of his body and really fire his hips through. As in the setup, Justin looks athletic, like he just hit a great shot.".

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