gyumri armenia earthquake

Still the acting financial adjustment algorithm only partially takes this into consideration; the idea of giving less to the wealthy and more to the poor is absent altogether, it still operates on the principle of per capita allocation to everyone”. The earthquake, that is also known as Spitak, measured 6.8 on the surface wave magnitude scale. Tempted by this the Armenian authorities artificially widened the area and volume of the disaster zone by destroying damaged but still operational buildings. , 14,6 million of which are a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the rest according to Mayor Balasanian will be a grant. But what about 66? The complex incident ruptured multiple faults, with a strike-slip event occurring shortly after the initiation of the mainshock.

In two years in a row there were more deaths in Gyumri than there were births: in 2001 there were 1406 births and 1446 deaths, and in 2002 1520 births and 1543 deaths. Gyumri is the second largest city of Armenia, located 122 km to the north from the capital Yerevan on the border with neighbouring Turkey. were destroyed, and around 26 thousand families lost their housing. “Of course, it is not like in Yerevan, where they make over the streets every two years, but there is a certain improvement compared to what was going on 10 years ago.

As of 2015 through different projects 22782 families residing in Shirak received new apartments, 21001 of which in Gyumri, Toumasyan claims that the authorities were expecting that the migration program. [19], The Soviet news media and government officials soon began to discuss the apparent substandard construction styles that had caused so many of Armenia's buildings to collapse.

"[18], Many buildings did not hold up to the shaking of the earthquake and those that did collapse often lacked any survival space, but lack of effective medical care and poor planning also contributed to the substantial scope of the disaster. This group also includes the poor of Gyumri who simply need a roof over their heads. According to Movsisyan the subsidies allocated to the communities two years ago were 46 billion AMD, only 25% of which was separately distributed to the poor communities, the rest was evenly distributed between everyone. About 400 acres of Marmarashen arable land was removed and instead two districts were built- Ani and the Austrian one- the district with town houses. at 14:24 June 14, 2020 UTC, Location:

We have mountainous, remote communities with limited resources, that do not even have property (only property over 3 mln.

“At that time Souren Haroutunyan was appointed first secretary of the communist party of Armenia, I met with him personally, took him to Beniamin to show around. Until 1930’s Yerevan had an equally rich and comprehensive architectural heritage with a clearly designed general plan. A compilation of photos and an excerpt of Ishkhanyan’s article were previously published. Several investigations of that event took place in the 1980s and early 1990s and the primary conclusions were that a critical condition for liquefaction to occur in that type of soil was the presence of a low permeable crust that did not allow pore water pressures to subside and that the assessment method and associated standard penetration test values used with sandy soils also applied to gravelly soils. “How many people live there? The addresses of these buildings are 67, 68, 69. Another reason was that the regulations were loosened up, the state was placing the order and every year they were demanding that we spend less and less on cement and reinforcement metal, add to this that some of it was also being stolen and eventually there were buildings that were built with sand, even a strong enough wind could bring those buildings down.”.

The hardest blow of the Spitak earthquake of the 7th December 1988 came on Gyumri: 17 out of 24 thousand victims were residents of Gyumri, according to the official data 526 buildings, among which educational institutions, factories, residential buildings etc. Buildings that didn't collapse featured well-maintained masonry and skeletal components that were joined together adequately in a way that allowed for the building to resist seismic waves. Next to the trailer he has put together a sort of a covered space from junk materials that they use as a bathroom and dug a hole a bit further away to serve as a toilet. However, the unfinished construction sites of 1990s still remained scattered over 200 acres of the territory. The seismicity along this belt is marked by frequent major earthquakes from the Aegean Sea, through Turkey and Iran, and into Afghanistan. 19.2 km from

Armenian Earthquake Anniversary: A Return To Gyumri - YouTube The Soviets had modified their construction style to accommodate the known seismic risk in the area, but they acknowledged to the team that many of the buildings were not built to withstand an earthquake of that magnitude. They mainly provide housing to those, whose trailers are in the areas that used to be parks to create possibility for the restoration of the parks. But in that environment it was impossible to do anything. A decision was made not to reconstruct the destroyed quarters, since these areas where used for the temporary shelters for those who lost their homes (there used to be 64 blocks of temporary shelters). Over 50,000 people died and thousands more were left homeless. For example, the per capita allocation from the budget generated from state subsidies and income in 2016 in Yerevan equaled 20677 AMD and in Gyumri 15441 AMD. Going westward the fault split into two branches, a north-dipping reverse fault (north branch) and a right slip fault (south branch), but neither produced surface rupture.

“Initially the government planned to build a huge complex in Marmarashen that would become home to 60 thousand families, but managed to build only Mush district, the Russians left, then the railway came and told the municipality to give them the incomplete buildings. In 2000s Mush 2 district was built next to Ani district. They have their own rules of life, very few of them continue to study after school.

One of these islands is Shirakatsi quarter which comprises 3 four floured buildings. That way, when the beneficiaries would receive their new housing no one would want to stay in the temporary shelters outside the city, and those neighborhoods would gradually vanish. He also brings examples from different countries, where the local self-government bodies have access to 30-45% of public finances, whereas in Armenia only to 8% (public finances are the amounts generated from the incomes of the state and community budgets.). [15], The three cities closest to the fault rupture experienced different levels of damage.

(9.2 miles), 2020-02-23 16:00:31 UTC Instead, the “shelter demolishers” by selling the shelters fill in their own pockets and by doing this they on the one hand contribute to the preservation of the temporary shelters, but on the other they prove to be useful for those who need a roof over their head. Just off Gyumri’s main square stands a lasting reminder of the earthquake’s damage: the St. All Saviors Church, which is still under restoration. Epicenter at 42.43, 43.617 Very interesting post. The nearest school and grocery shop are one kilometre away. The rich heritage mainly refers to the the city that was built in the 19th century.

[37], Red tape inevitably held up some of the rescue efforts and criticism of the perceived flawed processes soon followed.

at 06:15 July 21, 2018 UTC, Location: [14] During the earthquake, the northeast-facing side of the Spitak section rode up and over the southwest-facing side. Rafael Petrosyan, 32, and his family live in the neighboring trailer already for 10 years.

But before I get to the earthquake, a little about Gyumri. In reality, people do live there. Number of victims was about 25.000. According to the data of the state register on the number of population as of 2016 Yerevan received 13 bln 430 mln 355 thousand AMD for 1 mln 72 thousand residents, which means 12, 527 AMD per capita. Epicenter at 41.917, 43.496 22.2 km from “This (the trailer) I bought by myself, didn’t eat, didn’t drink, scratched together enough to pay 350 thousand AMD and buy this trailer”. Eight of the selected sites were equipped with a vertical component velocity transducer along with an FM telemetry link to transfer data back to a central station where a three-component unit was stationed. 21 towns and 342 villages were destructed, 514.000 people were left without shelter, 20.000 people were injured and 12500 people were hospitalized. The second group are those households that have received new housing, but not being able to support themselves had to sell the apartments and return to temporary shelters. Years later many Armenians were still living in metal shelters. The shock occurred in the northern region of Armenia (then part of the Soviet Union) which is vulnerable to large and destructive earthquakes and is part of a larger active seismic belt that stretches from the Alps to the Himalayas. He purchased the 8-meter-long and 3 meters in width trailer with thin walls from the “shelter demolishers” for 300 thousand AMD two years ago and moved to Vazgen Sargsyan street, receiving an address from the municipality- trailer 224/492. Uneven distribution of the seismic energy may have also contributed to the fluctuation in damage. [27], Buildings and other structures were extensively damaged during the earthquake, but roadways and railways also experienced disturbances. The shocks at the southeastern segment indicated right-lateral strike-slip movement along a nearly vertical fault, and may have been related to the Alavar fault. Until 2000s there still were 17 thousand people living in temporary shelters in Gyumri. 23.2 km from Narman And several blocks from the main square stands the 19th century St. Gregory the Illuminator Church whose dome caved in during the earthquake. Nevertheless, according to the National Statistic Service (NSS) the second highest migration rate, after the capital Yerevan is that of Gyumri. (5.2 miles), 2018-11-06 01:17:20 UTC Though the recurrence of seismic events in Armenia does not reach the high frequency that is seen in other segments of this zone, rapid crustal deformation there is associated with active thrust faulting and volcanic activity. And you probably don’t recall that it was hit by a massive earthquake back in 1988. It was decided that the new districts would be built not on seismically more secure rocky grounds of Beniamin, but on the arable lands of the adjacent Marmarashen, where the ground rich in clay and where underground waters were running. 9.2 km from By the end of the 19th century, when the city was known as Alexandropol, it was one of the largest cities of Russian-ruled Eastern Armenia with a population similar to that of Yerevan.

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