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However, founding member and primary song writer Van McLain was the constant rock of the band that found a way to keep the fire burning and keep the band alive throughout the years. Most of these well-aimed cuts concern surviving and prospering. In support of the album, the band toured extensively with ZZ Top, Cheap Trick, Todd Rundgren, Jefferson Starship, and Journey. The label was looking for a rock group to break into the US market, and Shooting Star became the first American band on their roster. This was the highest charting single of the band's career. Violinist Shane Michaels left the band in June 2008 to concentrate on another project, Flannigan's Right Hook, and was replaced by Janet Jameson. [5], In July 2014, former Shooting Star vocalist Ronnie Platt joined Kansas as the replacement for departing lead vocalist Steve Walsh. If you are 13 years old when were you born? Muscular '80s rockers Shooting Star formed in Kansas City late in the 1970s with vocalist/guitarist Van McLain, guitarist Gary West, violin player Charles Waltz, bassist Ron Verlin, and drummer Steve… Guitarist McLain, in a 2013 interview with Goldmine Magazine, explained why the group disbanded: "We signed with Geffen and we put out Silent Scream.

However, founding member and primary song writer Van McLain was the constant rock of the band that found a way to keep the fire burning and keep the band alive throughout the years. After gaining popularity in the Kansas City area, Shooting Star became the first American group to sign with Virgin Records. But the remaining band members were determined to continue on and to honor Van McLain and to keep his music alive. Kevin and Van had met 20 years earlier while Shooting Star was recording its first album. Four years later, McLain and Verlin were present at the formation of another edition of the band, with vocal duties being handled by newcomer Keith Mitchell.The new Shooting Star debuted in 1989 with the single "Touch Me Tonight," which became their biggest hit (a not-quite awe-inspiring number 76); the group's sixth album overall, It's Not Over, was released in 1991. The representative for a New York management firm was in the crowd that night and offered them a contract. And, Van McLain's family expressed their full support for the band to reform and continue on.

They recorded their 1979 debut album in England with producer Gus Dudgeon, best known for his work with Elton John and David Bowie.

In fact, in 2019, West captured the cover of the global music publication ION Indie Magazine as their July/August 2019 featured artist. So after the passing of Van McLain in March of 2018, many believed this might of signaled the end of this legendary band. For one night, the incredible Gary West rejoins Shooting Star during their Kansas City Hall of Fame concert.

The album Shooting Star was released in January 1980, and the band embarked on a national tour opening for Robin Trower and Triumph. It was released in April 1985 and produced the radio hit "Summer Sun." This album and their first, Shooting Star, were staples on FM radio in the Bay Area in the early 1980s. The band decided to stop playing cover songs and perform their own music. Upon Gary's return to Kansas City he and Van began songwriting in earnest. The group signed to Virgin before the end of the decade and delivered their self-titled debut album late in 1979; the single "You've Got What I Need" was a modest hit, as was "Hollywood" from 1981's Hang on for Your Life, but Shooting Star disbanded by 1985. The club was the birthplace of such bands as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and many others. We had 200 adds on radio, out of 300 reporting stations, the first week. No one else could have made "Just Friends" so poignant yet positive. Geffen got into a fight with all the radio promo guys, and they fired them the week our album came out. Other former members were on hand that evening, but did not perform. After the fight with the promo guys, it dropped to 40 stations. It just crushed Gary when it all fell apart over something that ridiculous; It literally drove him out of the music business. This CD became a collectible until the release of the band's entire catalog on CD. Steve Thomas - DrumsDennis Laffoon - Keys, VocalsJanet Jamison - Violin, VocalsTodd Pettygrove - Lead Vocals, GuitarChet Galloway - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Shooting Star Official Website © Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved. By 1993, disappointed over the collapse of Enigma, the JRS fiasco and the general decline in popularity of classic rock music, the band went into semi-retirement but resurfaced each year to play occasional concerts with Verlin back on bass. In the November 4, 1989 issue of Billboard, the album secured a trivial place in rock music history by becoming the first album to reach that magazine's pop albums chart without being available in a vinyl record format. Good times, good music. In the summer of 1999, while vacationing in Nashville, Tennessee, Van was reunited with producer/engineer Kevin Beamish. "Tonight" is most excellent, the violin creating a pop Kansas (but way cooler).

B-Sides: If I Come in Peace, Will You Touch Me Tonight?

Upon Gary's return to Kansas City, he and Van began songwriting in earnest. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. [1][2] They were next-door neighbors and instantly became good friends. A farewell show was played on December 27, 1986 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas and after a few more concerts, Shooting Star went their separate ways in March 1987. The band formed in the late 1970s. With Ron on bass, they added Steve Thomas on drums, Bill Guffey ..boards and Charles Waltz on violin and vocals. With their debut the band gained popularity with the songs "You Got What I Need," "Tonight," "Bring It On," and "Last Chance." After several weeks of treatment for West Nile, Van began to move past the initial virus stage but the virus had weakened him to such a point that he had been hospitalized for over 8 months while dealing with a variety of respiratory and pulmonary issues that resulted from his condition. He and Van McClain together are pure AOR magic. And, it also marks the return of Shooting Star from what seemed impossible odds to return. Must be 21 years or older to attend. After experiencing slurred speech, he was taken to the emergency room where he began to show severe symptoms of encephalitis. During the recording of this project, Enigma Records went bankrupt and the group decided to finish it on their own.

With the success of The Best Of and fans' desire for new material, Shooting Star was offered a new recording contract with Enigma Records. In 1982 the band began recording their third album, III Wishes (July 1982), at the legendary Caribou Ranch studio near Boulder, Colorado. Three record companies, Atlantic Records, Virgin Records, and A&M Records, made offers to sign the band. The band decided to stop playing cover songs and perform their own music. Gus Dudgeon, mainly known for his work with Elton John, produced the album. For good reason, they rock out and have catchy hooks. Keith Mitchell returned as lead vocalist in 2012 but left again in 2013 due to health problems. And with Ron Verlin on bass, they added Steve Thomas on drums, Bill Guffey on keyboards and Charles Waltz on violin, keyboards and vocals. The other members were Dennis Laffoon on keyboards and vocalist Keith Mitchell. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject's importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. Charles Waltz was originally slated to rejoin but had moved to California and was busy with another band, Toledo Waltz, while Gary West had left the music business entirely. Upon entering Shawnee Mission South High School, Van and Ron met up again. Bassist Ron Verlin, who'd left the group twice before (in 1984 and 1991) and had taken temporary leaves of absence since his return in 1994, departed permanently in 2009; since then, Laffoon has covered the position of bassist. Arista Records then released The Shooting Stars from their contract and they returned to Kansas City. Shooting Star (1980) Hang On for Your Life (1981) Professional ratings; Review scores; Source Rating; Allmusic: Shooting Star is the 1980 self-titled debut album by the group Shooting Star.Shooting Star was the first American musical act signed by then upstart label Virgin Records. The band also released the first two albums on one CD called Shooting Star/Hang on for Your Life; it omitted two songs from the albums ("Stranger" and "Sweet Elatia"). They left on January 6, 1975 and after three weeks of shopping their music to different record labels, they were offered a recording contract with Arista Records. Through the years, Shooting Star has endured industry challenges, member changes and tough times. On stage were members of Night Ranger, Cheap Trick, Survivor and 38 Special. His final performance with Shooting Star was in September 2010, leading to a period between 2011 and 2012 where, for the first and only time in the band's history, Van McLain was the band's sole lead vocalist. Shooting Star is an American rock band from Kansas City, Missouri.

George's Song (A Tribute to George Harrison) - Single. Later that year, they recorded a four-song demo tape and planned a trip to London, England to shop their songs for a record deal. Their star kind of peaked and ebbed at the same time as Triumph, another heavyweight from the early 1980s. Through the years, Shooting Star has endured industry challenges, member changes and tough times. The band's accompanying music video was popular on MTV and other video channels. The chaotic issues took a toll on vocalist Gary West, who burned out to the point he wore pajamas on stage in protest before walking away from the music business forever. And, Van McLain's family expressed their full support for the band to reform and continue on.

In 1977 the band persuaded fellow musician Gary West (born Gary Hodgden) to join them as a singer and songwriting partner for Van.

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