everything is awesome when you're part of a team meme

Pa Cop: Uh-huh. Emmet Brickowoski: I can see everything! The Man Upstairs: No, actually it’s a highly sophisticated inter-locking brick system. Butterflies! Well, here’s the thing, how do we know for sure that I’m not the Special?

Emmet Brickowoski: What are you doing? Larry The Barrista: That’ll be forty-two dollars, please. Emmet Brickowoski: I can’t do this! Is share a meal with the special people in my life. Emmet Brickowoski: “Where are my pants.” They come up with all the instructions for everything in the universe. Robot #1: President Business, we’re trying to locate the fugitive, but his face is so generic it matches every other face in our database. [as Bad Cop leaves we see the robot voice on the other end of the line is Wyldstyle who is hiding around the corner waiting for Bad Cop to leave] Bad Cop: Lord Business, I know the Special got away. No! Peel off the pieces, tear apart your walls! Emmet Brickowoski: That’s disgusting! Emmet Brickowoski: No. [turning to his army of Lego robots] Robot: Is that a last name Butt, first name Your…? Bad Cop: Stop him! Stop him! [Lord Business does an evil laugh]

Emmet Brickowoski: Guys, can I help? When you grow a friendship out of working together, you can use the following saying. [Unikitty watches sadly within the submarine as her home is destroyed] Finn: Yeah, we’ll be up in a sec! [he takes Emmet from Finn] Metal Beard: Great idea. Wyldstyle: That would be great, but Emmet is the one who found the Piece. Computer: Of course. Emmet Brickowoski: Shave your face, brush your teeth. Fine. Unikitty: Hi! Bad Cop: Sir, I… Emmet Brickowoski: You might see a mess…

You’re Awesome.

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! What kind of sound system does it have? Unikitty: Here in Cloud Cuckoo Land there are no rules! Wyldstyle: …is the Special. [the robots strap a device to Superman’s head]

I must be smart. [Emmet goes to find the sources of the noise], [we see a hooded figure holding a device that is searching for a relic, just as they relic is detected Emmet notices the hooded figure] And if they seemed weird, and kind of pointless, they actually came closer than anyone else to saving the universe. Lord Business: This rebellion ends right now! You’re going to melt me?!

Guess Who’s Awesome Today.

Barry: But you know, he’s not, he’s not like normal like us. [Finn’s father opens the top of the aircraft and takes out Lord Business, he then looks around the room where he’s put up “Do Not Touch” signs all over the Lego pieces he’d built], The Man Upstairs: So President Business is the bad guy? Give me that piece! Emmet Brickowoski: Bricksburg! [Finn then turns and looks at a cat poster with the phrase “Believe” written on it which Emmet also notices, he them remembers what Vitruvius had told him and then suddenly the cat’s mouth on the poster starts moving as Vitruvius speaks] Okay.

[the citizens have built aircrafts which they are using to attack Lord Business’s robots] Hey, where’s my best friend Emmet?” And you know what? Wyldstyle: Wait!

[Finn’s father goes to pick up the fireman’s truck] Emmet Brickowoski: Always root for the local sports team. The reason I know it’s stupid is because I can not possibly do everything that I want to do. [he walks over to Emmet and points the glue at him] Emmet Brickowoski: Step four; Benny and Metal Beard sneak their way into the Master Control Room. Construction Worker #2: Yeah, who wants to share a croissant with this guy? Dexter.

The Man Upstairs: So I can make things the way they’re supposed to be. Vitruvius: So, Special, what do we do? [as Bad Cop heads towards them with his car he crashes into the ramp and falls off the train but manages to avoid crashing to the ground as his vehicle transforms into a flying vehicle and he heads back up] I think we’re about to crash into the sun. [Metal Beard transform into singing radio and starts playing “How Ya going to Keep them Down On The Farm”] [Emmet’s smile disappears] Wyldstyle: Benny, send this out to everyone in the universe.

I thought you said we were a lost cause? Computer: Motion sensors triggered in Sector 12. Wait, what happened to that whole training part? And I’m going to tell you something, Batman is the worst person I’ve ever met. Batman: It’s Bat pun. Emmet Brickowoski: Well, I’ll be! Sending thank you letters is an effective way to raise team morale and encourage strong and consistent ownership of new and continuing projects. I think.

[Lord Business does an evil laugh] [as Finn’s father pours glue remover onto Pa and Ma Cop Finn reunites Bad Cop with his parents] Benny: Maybe we could find one. The Begbie Buzz Show Critics were just as eager to share their thoughts about the performance and contribute their reviews to the Entertainment section of this blog. What are you…? I knew that was suspicious. Actor on TV Show: Honey, where are my pants? Have a great day, everybody!

Wyldstyle: Oh, this give me the jeebeeze! Dive!

Bad Cop: Let’s get these prisoners back to Lord Business and give him the good news: the Special is no more. [the micro-managers starts spraying everyone with glue and freezing them, back at the tower Emmet watches this in horror on the big screen] Unikitty: Business, business, business. [Emmet looks down and sees something attached to his ankle] Emmet Brickowoski: That’s the signal, but the shield is still up! Bad Cop: Don’t let the special get away!

Mermaid Lady: What’s that on his ankle? Wyldstyle: Oh, um.

The Man Upstairs: That’s a suggestion. And security measures of every kind imaginable; lasers, sharks, laser sharks, overbearing assistants, and strange dangerous relics that entrap, snap and zap. Emmet Brickowoski: Oh, guys! [the trio start running as Bad Cop chases after them, as Bad Cop aims to shoot at them Emmet jumps in front of Wyldstyle to save her]

I don’t have my instructions. No. I can get us anywhere. Batman: Aaaah…Fine! [suddenly Wyldstyle slips in from above, attacks them and knocks them out] For instance, one time I wanted to have a bunch of my friends over to watch TV.

Wyldstyle: Okay, all the people of the universe were once free to travel and mingle and build whatever they wanted. If we could just get in there, I know where all the air ducts and wiring are located. Jumping Jacks, hit them! Emmet Brickowoski: Okay. Emmet Brickowoski: Anyone know what this is and do you need it? Emmet Brickowoski: It’s my hand. Here, give that to me. [she extends her hand towards him] Emmet Brickowoski: Oh, and this is the Piece of Resistance. Wyldstyle: Babe! Well said. [Lord Business flies over Bricksburg in his aircraft] [they turn to see Batman sat back in the driver’s seat] [Emmet bursts into the saloon again]

They will go to an internet cafe and email the remaining Master Builders who will meet us in the secret realm of Cloud Cuckoo Land. [he throws another and misses again] Lord Business: It is indeed super sweet. We’ll be up in a sec! Emmet Brickowoski: Lucy!

You see, Emmet. Lord Business: The Special one? Emmet Brickowoski: Now it’s your turn to be the hero. The Man Upstairs: Oh, great. Emmet Brickowoski: I don’t know what I’m doing. Robot: Oh, my gosh! [as he tries to fend off the micro-managers] Lord Business: Back from the dead, Brickowoski? I can sing this song for hours! I want you to take it. The Man Upstairs: We did, but the way I’m using it makes it an adult thing. Metal Beard: Ideas so dumb and bad that no one would ever think that they could possibly be useful.

Wyldstyle: Oh, no! Vitruvius: My eyes! Spaceship! [Finn’s father is holding Benny’s spaceship in his hand] [as Emmet lies on the table]

No! Emmet Brickowoski: What do you mean? Get in there. [Finn and Emmet notice he has a drawer full of Krazy Glue] [Vitruvius goes over to Emmet and puts his hands against Emmet’s head] Emmet Brickowoski: Oh, thank you. [she huffs at him in frustration and her horse does the same]

Emmet Brickowoski: That’s not true. Wyldstyle: Hey, guess what? Emmet Brickowoski: Right? Emmet Brickowoski: No!   That’s weird. [unable to keep a positive attitude suddenly Unikitty unleashes her rage] [the robots strap each of the group into one of the Think Tank seats] Good Cop: Hi, Mom. [he throws the piece of Lego aside in frustration; after they’ve build the spaceship]

[as the Kragle shield is disabled Emmet stands next to it and whispers into his walkie-talkie]

Send in a micro-manager! [Vitruvius turns as Emmet, Lucy, Batman, Benny and Metal Beard are brought in] [Emmet turns and waves] [Bad Cop continues to search for Emmet in his aircraft] [Emmet sits his horse up and it suddenly runs off] Emmet Brickowoski: Come on!

Wyldstyle: Woh, babe! Metal Beard: Be ye disabling of yond shield. I want eight foot speakers. [we see Wyldstyle’s broadcast being watched by all Lego citizens across the realms in the universe, including Middle Zealand where a knight is reading out form a scroll] This is Emmet. Sheriff: Wait a minute, partner. [the Lego citizens start putting Lego pieces together and building things] All they did was play space checkers, plus it turns out that hairy one’s a dude, and the metal one too, all dudes. Emmet Brickowoski: I think I heard a whoosh. Emmet Brickowoski: Cuckoo Land? [Vitruvius looks through the binoculars, but as he’s blind he’s unaware that he’s standing in front of a wall]

Vitruvius: Emmet, don’t worry about what the others are doing. [Emmet notices Unikitty putting flowers into the spaceship] Wait, wait. Wyldstyle: Give me a break. See Also: 20 Best AWESOME Quotes That Will Make Your Day.

[he points to the big black box which is Lord Business’s aircraft] Robot: Do it! Give me a break!

[realizing what Emmet is planning to do] [just then the sheriff starts shooting at them and suddenly a wheel comes off their vehicle as they’re heading towards the edge of a cliff] Lord Business: Micro-manager, commence micro-management!

You have always been a robot! Emmet Brickowoski: Uh, hi? Batman: First try! [at President Business’ Office which is located at the very top of Octan office tower, Emmet’s face is plastered on all the monitors as the robots try to find him] I want you to join me. [suddenly they are interrupted as the robots appear in the studio] [as the others continue to build the submarine Emmet holds up a piece of Lego] [everyone in the saloon starts to go about their business again], [to Emmet as they make their way through the saloon] Robot #2: Coffee sales are up, sir. Ooooh! Wait, what are you doing? There’s no time to lose, we must find Vitruvius and get to the Office Tower before it’s too late! [we see Emmet has fallen on the ground in a basement where all the different Lego realms including Bricksburg have been assembled on a large table] And I’ll tell you me tale of woe.

[suddenly device attached to their heads initiates and they all start coming up with the instructions] Who Is Awesome. Robot: Who are you here to see?

The Man Upstairs: So President Business is the bad guy? [suddenly Batman appears behind them with the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive] No, no, no, no! And if they seemed weird, and kind of pointless, they actually came closer than anyone else to saving the universe. Batman: I thought I’d help you guys. But you can call me Benny!

[he throws Metal Beard down and he lands next to Batman]

Come on! Did you take the top off of the tower? Emmet Brickowoski: Okay, got that one down. I’ve never been a robot before. Green Lantern: It’s Green Lantern. [Finn’s father goes to pick up the fireman’s truck]

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