elementor lazy load

I am not a developer myself, or I would be on top of this! LazyLoad ImagesNormally, every image loaded on a page is an additional server request (not to mention that images are normally the largest factors in page size and load time). After activating it nothing changed in loading experience, so I activated it on the live site to be sure about it - and it was the same. Let me know what to do or try, I can manage it on a dev site. I had to set a Waypoint check on the swiper container object and, when it came into the viewport, I remove my lazyload class from all slides. @Overbord I use WP Rocket with Elementor and it definitely works for normal images.

Easy and lightweight. Hope at some point the Elementor team work on this topic. Hope this helps! The main issue is the background image on the front of the Flip Box - the one in view until you hover. — //console.log( [ 'waypoint hit', $section.get( 0 ), $(window).scrollTop(), $section.offset() ] ); $section.removeClass('lazyelementorbackgroundimages'); offset: $(window).height()*1.5 // when item is within 1.5x the viewport size, start loading it. I'm perplexed! Background images which are visible (or close to visible) when the page loads are loaded immediately. I should be able to add support for it. Really excited about the plugin! the section/column with a background is also animated (motion effects) … I can’t lazyload them because they are hidden until they are scrolled into view. I'm working on getting it on the Wordpress.org plugin repo. @dollhauss, @Deralict, @Jordidriesen, @lbraida, @sermalefico, @newbie7777, It's live in the repo! Whith this new implementation you can interact whith the swiper slider instance of any section. Will keep following this thread and I am ready to test whenever you make changes. Thanks in advance. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I updated the code, BG images still a problem for me. The download link works now. (I am waiting for WordPress.org to approve my plugin so I can link to the support forum). Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or unsubscribe. Hi, how do I add this script? This is so strange! If not, hit me up! preloadImages: false, This improve me 1s in google speed test incidentally, another option that may work for you is to inline all styles. ***> wrote: I need help making this better.

In order for motion effects to work, the element with the background needs to be moved from a hidden state/location to a visible one. But hey, if it's working for you then go with it!

I haven't tested it but if my hunch is correct, it would allow WP Rocket to lazy load the background images and you wouldn't even need this hack.

Thanks for this! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Looks like the areas I was having issues with were in fact column backgrounds. Planning to create a git repo for this as well. I was so happy to find your code and plugin, thank you so much for it! Scratch that.... BG Images not loading at all now. I'd be happy to roll it into a plugin to make installation super easy but I want to work with other developers to make the code solid and get some test results from people. No extra database tables or queries, no admin screens with difficult options to understand, and no dependencies other than that the page is designed with Elementor. Learn more. It's not a bad idea at all, I would just need to add a bunch of code to try to avoid plugin conflicts. That’s the non-technical version. I hope that Elementor Pro developers add the ability to switch on lazy loading for these right in the Elementor widget options UI.

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