dr connors

[26], Later, a huge bestial Lizard appeared,[27] shortly after Connors was called in to investigate Peter Parker's sudden sickness (the result of Peter's recently lost spider-powers returning). After this escape, the Lizard fell into a quicksand pit during a battle with Spider-Man and the bounty hunter Warrant and was believed to have died. Curt and Billy try breaking into high tech facilities in an attempt to find Regent's tech to turn Billy back to normal, but are thwarted by Spider-Man and his daughter Spiderling. Unlike many other Marvel Comics children, he has not appreciably grown up since the comics' stories of the 1960s. [57] She secured an internship under Doc Connors' supervision the day she applied. Drowning his disappointment with alcohol, a drunken Conners injected himself with an experimental serum in a desperate attempt to achieve results. [11] Connors was later kidnapped and forced to create a rejuvenation serum for Silvermane. The two battled while Spidey incapacitated the Lizard with a chemically treated webbing which restored the Lizard back to his human form. [16] Later, the Lizard battled both Stegron and Spider-Man after Stegron kidnapped Billy Connors. [28] The Iguana then fought Spider-Man and the Lizard until both he and the Lizard fought Spider-Man together. [55], As part of the All-New, All-Different Marvel event as part of the lead-up to the Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy storyline, the Lizard was shown at the Andry Corrections Facility. Später ruft er zudem Peter nocheinmal an und sagt ihm, dass dieser Symbiont eine sehr feste Beziehung mit seinem Wirt eingehen und zudem Eigenschaften, wie Wut und Aggressionen fördern würde. Curtis reveals to Spider-Man that he had brought his son to Doctor Strange who told him that Billy was indeed his original son reborn in the clone body. [86], It is later revealed that Curt Connors was a teacher at Gwen's high school and was studying Lizard genetics,[volume & issue needed] possibly being involved in Peter's transformation into the Lizard and the recent sightings of multiple Llzard-people wreaking havoc in the city. [36], During the events of The Gauntlet, Curt Connors was working for the pharmaceutical company Phelcorp under executive Brian King. He revealed to Jameson that he had retained his human intelligence while they escaped, which Jameson acknowledged. [22], Connors then tried to straighten out his life and control the Lizard, with some degree of success. He revealed that he already took a blood sample from the baby and found out that Norman Osborn was not the father; therefore, the baby was useless to him and all of the villains. At the end of the trial, however, Connors surrenders himself to the court by waiving his right to trial by jury. [73], While escaping from New U Technologies, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman of Earth-65 quickly incapacitated Lizard. As Connors, he aided Spider-Man in defeating the Rhino by developing a formula to dissolve the Rhino's bulletproof hide, but accidentally transformed himself into the Lizard due to exposure to the chemicals needed to create the formula and was restored by Spider-Man.

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