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They established LACS, which is responsible for tracking the modernization and standardization of addresses across the nation. Any facsimile must contain the same information in the same This document contains the CASS™/MASS™ certified vendors list for DPV® Licensees Current Cycle. USPS may ask you for a Form 3553 ("CASS report") when you submit your bulk mailing. Let's say Grandma's home address was 123 Maple Lane, but got changed to 124 because it's on the wrong side of the street. There are a number of professional services that tap into the USPS database, like address validation for example. For example, many address validation providers don't use NCOA because of how inaccurate it is; meanwhile, every provider uses LACS when they process addresses, to ensure they are up to date. The services offered via CASS-certified providers are more reliable than from any non-CASS provider. It will also add missing address information, such as ZIP codes, cities, and states to ensure the address is complete. ZIP Codes are commonly filled in, but they can only be done if both the street-level and the city/state-level information is present and accounted for. This document contains the CASS™/MASS™ certified vendors list for CASS software manufacturers current cycle. The Stage I results assist developers with software debugging and troubleshooting in preparation for Stage II of the CASS™ certification process.
Then again, you can always verify an address for yourself. It compares addresses against an authoritative database to see if that address is already on file.

This document contains the CASS™/MASS™ certified vendors list for DPV® Licensees Data File Current Cycle (D).

This page was last edited on 18 August 2020, at 19:49. In the US, that authority on mailing addresses is (surprise, surprise) the United States Postal Service, which means that the most accurate way to validate a US address is to use a CASS-certified provider. and the yes/no response we get is what determines whether an address is valid or invalid. So we started standardizing address assignments—building numbers originating from central locations, evens and odds on separate sides of the street, that sort of thing.

This presentation provides information on electronic testing for MASS™. Anything less accurate won't cut the mustard where CASS is concerned. We offer the fastest turnaround times in the industry when processing addresses (which includes standardizing, updating, validating, and a handful of very valuable supplementals). This is the "discount" part. Postal Service®, National Customer Support Center (NCSC) and the results are returned to the developer to provide useful diagnostics for correcting software deficiencies. LACS is a database maintained by 911 emergency services to make sure that a location can be found in case emergency services are needed. Customers use their address-matching software to apply the correct data applicable to the test record. The Stage I file contains approximately 150,000 test addresses extracted from the City State and ZIP + 4 files with samples of all types of addressing used around the country. The SuiteLink® product enables customers to provide improved business addressing information by adding known secondary (suite) information to business addresses, which will allow USPS delivery sequencing where it would not otherwise be possible. We like answering questions and solving problems, and if we can't do it, we'll help you find who can. It keeps track of addresses that have been updated in order to match a national standard, which is used to make finding locations easier in an emergency. The Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) enables the United States Postal Service (USPS) to evaluate the accuracy of software that corrects and matches street addresses. Normally, when you buy a stamp and slap it on an envelope, you're paying full price for that postage. We ask the USPS "Do you currently deliver to this location?" An example of what CASS software will correct in an address: Here the street and city name misspellings have been corrected; street suffix, ZIP code and ZIP+4 add-on have been added; and, in this case, the address was determined to be the location of a business. Address validation (sometimes called address verification), is a method of determining if an address is real. This text file provides delivery type Cycle N static data. But beyond making sure you're mailing to the correct address, CASS can save you money in another way. This document contains the CASS™/MASS™ certified vendors list for DSF2® Licensees Current Cycle. That's because the USPS has to sort it, put barcodes on it, and otherwise put it in the right place so it goes where it should. So what all is involved in CASS processing? The CASS™ certification process is designed in cooperation with the mailing industry to improve the accuracy of addresses for mail qualifying for postal discounts. To remain CASS™ certified for each required certification period, developers must reapply for certification and meet the minimum accuracy requirements during Stage II testing. All of it is made possible through CASS processing. This flowchart describes the logic flow for Unique ZIP codes. Not everyone forwards to an address when they move, so forwarding addresses aren't always accurate. The problem with updating addresses is that it can mess with mail delivery. This includes mistakes on the designation of the street/way/lane/road etc.

CASS processing addresses this problem. Addresses that don't have a match in the database are "invalid", for whatever reason, and either cannot or are not receiving mail. Barring that, the provider will acquire an accurate, updated ZIP+4 Code for the delivery point, and append it to the address.

Now we're sure you use these acronyms in day-to-day life. Not counting the supplemental data you mind need gathered on addresses (which could be anything from geocodes to census data), CASS covers everything you would need to do to an address. This means we check the actual delivery destination, the front door of where the mail is going. That's because the word "CASS" is a word often used to talk about "CASS certification" and "CASS processing." That database can be accessed and cross-referenced, so that someone sending mail to 123 Maple Lane can have their stuff routed over to 124 Maple Lane, ensuring that Granny still gets your letter. The information falls into two categories: System for correcting US postal addresses, "CASS Certification Requirements, A Mailer's Guide", CASS Certification Requirements, A Mailer's Guide, Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service, National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees, National Rural Letter Carriers' Association, United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General, Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, Postage stamps and postal history of the United States, USPS Post Office Box Lobby Recycling program,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. But there are varying levels in accuracy to be had with address validation; some providers don't check the whole address. The ZIP + 4® Product is a base reference file that can be accessed by an application to assign the correct ZIP + 4® Code associated with a physical address. For more information about the CASS™ certification process, contact us at 800-642-2914 or email

So 911 keeps track of these address changes. It starts to become a problem, though, when you have to fire off 1000 of them. In fact, some businesses have to maintain and renew CASS certification on a yearly basis. CASS™ allows developers, vendors and mailers the opportunity to test their address matching software packages and after achieving a specified percentage of compliance to be certified by the Postal Service.

CASS™ certification is available to all software developers, mailers, and service bureaus who wish to evaluate the quality of their address matching software. CASS is a system that the USPS uses to qualify specialized software—private party software that references the USPS address database to process addresses. A CASS-certified address validation service will standardize your mailing list, update outdated addresses, and verify that addresses are valid and complete. Those are some pretty hefty benefits—help with data management, avoiding returned mail, and saving money through worksharing discounts. Any mailing claimed at an automation price must be produced from address lists properly matched and coded with CASS-certified address matching methods. They can help you keep it accurate. CASS™ certification is valid until the end of the current certification period.

They need your addresses to be cleaned up, up to date, and accurate, otherwise it will cause problems as they try to deliver it. USPS Tracking® Certified Vendors List: MAC™ Evaluate and certify mail products from vendors. This document outlines the CASS/MASS certified vendors list for RDI™ Current Cycle (D).
That all adds man-hours they have to pay for, so they make you pay for it via postage.

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