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Although the Nicoya Peninsula is very secluded, it still has a large buildup of hotels and resorts. From Malpais there is no entrance to the Cabo Blanco park. We could have stayed at that beach all day, but after about an hour we started to head back so we could get back before the reserve closed for the day. The Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve sits at the very tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and was founded in 1963. There are no facilities (restrooms, potable water) at the beach but there are several nice picnic tables.

We recently visited Cabo Blanco and were pleasantly surprised by the reserve. We have a full guide to visiting this spot here. Ouvert par paracou, le 28/02/2020 à 03:19, Accident non responsable avec un véhicule de location au Costa Rica.

Here is a screenshot so you can see what I mean. However, this also means that the reserve could be very full of other tourists. It’s definitely a cool sight! Your email address will not be published. credit card. Cabo Blanco is a seabird sanctuary of some note and has a large variety of bird species you can spot. There isn’t a whole lot of infrastructure around and getting there is a little bit of an adventure. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "thewande07-20"; Just be warned, I think they have had some problems with people breaking into cars recently. We chose the longer trail to the beach. It was admittedly a bit strenuous due to it mostly being up or down most of the way, but the scenery is beautiful and there's plenty of wildlife to see (deer, monkeys.

If you want ample beach chilling time you will need to start early enough.

Just keep going. Take plenty of water and your swimming things- worth a dip to cool off at the other end and the sea is lovely and calm. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this hike if you're up for a bit of a strenuous walk through a beautiful jungle. We were so ready to just sit when we arrived at the beach. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; – Start your hike as early in the day as possible. Thomas flew the drone and I chilled out for a bit. Une des caractéristiques principales de cette réserve est la Isla Cabo Blanco (île Cabo Blanco) et la Plage Cabo Blanco.

Open 8 am – 4 pm Wednesday through Sunday (closed Monday and Tuesday) Access on the western side of Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve (Reserva Natural Absoluta Cabo Blanco) is restricted to the tiny but strikingly beautiful Playa Cuevas. Don’t worry, I had a sports bra on! It was the country's first area that was protected for nature conservation, and the first National Park created in Costa Rica in 1963. Along this trail, we continued to cross the stream in various parts. You better believe I took my shoes off and jumped immediately under that shower. Consider the location of your hotel carefully: If you are staying at a beach like Montezuma, you can expect a decent amount of nightlife. Many say that a huge section of the wreck is still intact. For an elegant luxury vacation in Malpais, stay at Hotel Moana. It gets hot hot hot!

Visit between December and March: This is the Costa Rica dry season and you will be met with sunny weather every day! Entrance fee is $ 12 From Montezuma and Cabuya a small public bus drives to the park entrance four times per day. We celebrated surviving our jungle hike with cold beer at La Selva Brewery, a few km on the road back to Montezuma. We saw both howler and white faced monkeys, coati, deer, big iguanas, various birds and some beautiful unusual butterflies. When you (eventually) arrive at the beach you will feel like you have arrived at paradise. – They will not give you a paper copy of the map at the ranger station, but there is a nice laminated copy you can look at before you start hiking. Cabo Blanco Reserve located near Montezuma and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica is the perfect place to spend the day hiking in a place filled with a variety of wildlife and plants. If you are heading back to Montezuma, we suggest stopping at the Cabuya cemetery on your drive back. We also discovered a hammock that is a permanent fixture here. I’m not ashamed to admit that after about ten minutes I already had taken my t-shirt off because I was getting so overheated. We saw some people just hiking with a water bottle in their hand and Thomas was over there with his huge day pack.

There is a parking lot located next to the ranger station which you can use for free. possible because once the sun is overhead it does permeate the jungle so you loose some of the shade. There are two trails open for hiking from Wednesday-Sunday, 8am-4pm. La Reserva Natural Cabo Blanco (Réserve Naturelle Cabo Blanco) est, sans aucun doute, un des paradis les plus impressionnants du Costa Rica.Cette réserve inégalable dispose d’une grande variété d’espèces sauvages comme les singes hurleurs et les fourmiliers, parmis beaucoup d’autres espèces. We decided we had come that far, we could make it to the beach. I think we finally started walking around 10 am. The visitors entrance to Cabo Blanco is on the east side of the Peninsula near Cabuya, south of Montezuma. We both wore sport shorts and cotton shirts. One of the rangers working told us to leave nothing of value in the car and that they are happy to store anything important in their ranger station. Cabo Blanco is Costa Rica’s first protected reserve and includes both dry tropical forest and tropical rainforest .

Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve. If you don't want to do the main hike to the beach, there are a couple of shorter circuits in the jungle starting from the entrance: one of 1km and another of 2km. Transports de Mal Pais à Montezuma ou Tambor In other words, it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. We started the hike a bit later than we should have. Les meilleures photo Réserve naturelle absolue Cabo Blanco des internautes. Scenery was beautiful, we saw lots of monkeys, pelicans, terrapins, a snake and some sharks at the beach along with loads of butterflies and birds. A shorter trail called the Danes Trail is also available and it is only 1.5 km long.

Also, definitely look out for the giant Banyan tree on the left side of the road. Take lots of drinking water and be ready with the camera (there are a couple little stores in the town along the way). You can pull your car off onto the side of the road to check it out. Not only that, but in the past various species were hunted to the point of near extinction. Getting to Cabo Blanco can be tricky, but we are here to make it easy for you!

WAS THIS HELPFUL? The biggest downfall is that it was probably a lot more humid than if you visit in the dry season because there had been some rain recently.

The trail is almost entirely shaded, a huge relief on a hot sunny day, but it is not an easy trail. The water was calm and we saw several people swimming. If you are visiting during the dry season we suggest asking at your hotel if the road is passable before attempting the drive. We then came to a stream and you better believe Thomas and I were there full on dunking our heads in it. We were glad to have arrived by 8:30 am which not only helped during the steep climbs but allowed us to see some wildlife (however compared to other parks we have visited such as Caracara and Manuel Antonio.

These trails are labeled Danish Trail and Regreso. Cabo Blaco Nature Reserve was the inspiration for this excerpt from our book, Two Weeks in Costa Rica. We both wore sneakers, which were much needed. CostaRica.Org is a Travel Agency that offers Custom Costa Rica Vacations & Packages Including Hotels, All-Inclusive Resorts and Tours. From Montezuma just head south.

There isn’t a whole lot of infrastructure around and getting there is a little bit of an adventure. Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve Tickets, Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve Tours and Tickets. Mais rappelez-vous que pour parcourir les sentiers de randonnée, il est recommandé de porter des chaussures et des vêtements confortables. There was no sign at the faucet stating the water was potable, but we asked the head of the Cabo Blanco volunteer program who we happened to meet while we were there. Felines like ocelots, jaguarundis and margay cats also inhabit this area but it is almost impossible to see them due to their shy nature. It was almost all uphill. The Cabo Blanco Reserve is only open from Wednesday until Sunday from 8 am until 4 pm. There are several picnic tables, an outdoor shower, and potable water. The beaches at Santa Teresa and Montezuma are much nicer. Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature reserve protects semi dry tropical forest on the southern tip of the Nicoya Penisula, Costa Rica. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Unfortunately, access is restricted and scuba diving in this area is illegal. I think I have only ever said this one other time on this site and that was in the Nauyaca Waterfall Guide, but guys, this hike was intense! This part of the hike was rough! Note that the nearby beaches also offer daily bus services to the park. Hopefully, this helped you out in planning your visit to Cabo Blanco Reserve. For great Mexican at Santa Teresa, try beachfront restaurant Habaneros. The trails were also very dry for the most part. You can find rangers at the entrance of the park who will be all too happy to answer your questions. Make sure you bring your phone and take a picture of the map before you start your hike. There were two guys working while we were there and one was paying careful attention to the parking lot, but you never know! There isn’t a whole lot of infras... Home » Costa Rica National Parks » Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve.

amzn_assoc_title = ""; The Sueco Trail is 4.2 km and take approximately 4 hours to complete. The beach at the end is very pretty. We took every opportunity we had to soak our heads. National Parks, Nature & Wildlife Areas. birds, bats, etc.). There wasn’t a bathroom for you to change at the beach. The Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve sits at the very tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and was founded in 1963. We arrived at low tide and it was quite rocky by the water; even an hour or two later the water would probably have been up to the pretty white sand. We were there at high tide so don't know if there is more sand at low tide. One of the coolest parts about this spot is the beautiful beach that you can only access by hiking. The second two kilometers were mostly downhill. This means if you want to go to the beach and back you will be walking 10 kilometers in total. Several ships have found their end here over the years, one being the U.S.S Typhoon. De plus, elle abrite une forêt très étendue et très variée en ce qui concerne les espèce végétales, sachant que les espèces tropicales sont les plus répandues dans la réserve. We created this detailed guide to visiting Cabo Blanco Reserve so you can be completely prepared for your visit.

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