the autobiography of benjamin franklin summary part 1

Even when his prospects seemed best, the idea of being in debt was an incredible burden on Franklin’s conscience. They decided that Franklin should leave for Boston the next morning at sunrise on the first boat back to Boston in order to propose this idea face-to-face with Josiah.

Here we get our first and only glimpse of Franklin behaving imprudently with his earnings. Franklin and his brother James had a dispute, so Franklin decided to leave. He refrained from printing any libel or gossip, which was not something all printers did. Franklin helped by writing about it in newspapers and then proposed that the Assembly match donations once they reached a certain amount of money. At mealtime, for example, he provided conversation to instruct his children. He seems, from these anecdotes, to have been able to win over people from all walks of life without necessarily trying to win them over. Why Keith ingratiated himself so thoroughly to a boy of 18 is unclear, perhaps he genuinely liked Franklin and his company and genuinely sought to do him a good turn without being able to acknowledge to himself that he was incapable of setting Franklin up in his own business. Franklin himself admits to exchanging promises and letters with Ms. Read, but, as we soon see, he himself fails (temporarily) to make good on them. Franklin's book, a story of self-betterment, is written so as to be a model for the betterment of others. From a historical standpoint, it is important to note Franklin's beginnings. Benjamin Franklin wrote two letters to convince people that he should complete his autobiography.

There isn’t much space given to emotion without some practical, educational point attached, but, if there is an education offered by this passage, it is an emotional one. Franklin lived agreeably with the other men in his boarding house, although he was not fond of their constant gambling. Franklin’s decision to move to Philadelphia, like his earlier decision to leave for New York because it was the closest city to Boston with a printing house, was a matter of coincidence. He liked what he saw and heard about Franklin. 1 . Franklin recounts some of his family's ancestry. It rained for the entire day of Franklin’s journey. The boatmen refused the money because Franklin rowed part of the way, but Franklin insisted they accept it anyway, saying sometimes people who don’t have much are more generous because they’re trying not to appear poor in front of others. He quickly rose to the head of his class, and before long he was sent to a different grammar school to develop his writing and math skills.

They used to argue with each other all the time, but Franklin says it was just for fun and he didn’t really know any better back then. He proposed building a meeting hall open to all preachers and funds were soon raised for it. His paper got more advertisements because of that.

The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of.

Prose writing was useful to him and helped him advance in life. The sloop proceeded to Philadelphia where.

CliffsNotes study guides are written by real teachers and professors, so no matter what you're studying, CliffsNotes can ease your homework headaches and help you score high on exams. All rights reserved. To quote Franklin’s autobiography, ‘The Affairs of the Revolution occasion’d the Interruption’. In the morning, one man said he knew the creek to be Cooper’s Creek, which was just above Philadelphia. Franklin was born in 1706. Collins said that it wasn’t appropriate and Franklin, “perhaps a little because of disagreement,” took the opposing view. Andrew Bradford became the next competitor and he lived extravagantly and ran up his debt so much that he had to leave Philadelphia too. He advised Franklin to work hard and spend wisely, so that he could start his own shop by the time he was 21. (Franklin does not say so, but he was at odds with his son William after writing Part One.). The first part of Franklin’s autobiography is based around his reasoning behind writing an autobiography, as well as his early childhood and the beginning of his working career. Benjamin Franklin was a poet. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He pretended not to be proud of himself and acted humble, because later on they’d reward him for it.

Collins possessed great quantities of both, but drowned them in debts and alcohol. Franklin, with Denham’s advice, set out to turn his misfortune into yet another opportunity for self improvement. The next day, the wind died down and Franklin’s party decided to head for Amboy before nightfall. Holding onto so much cash later caused Ben great anxiety because he worried about its safety while he was away at sea. Someone told Ben that “He who has done you one favor will be more willing to do you another than he whom you have obliged.”.

He goes on to describe some of the people who were important in his life, including his grandfather Thomas Sr., father Josiah, and brother James. Franklin appreciates all men with a knack for learning, and, as he eventually spells out more explicitly, silence is a virtue he appreciates. Franklin was about to give up printing forever but decided otherwise after a few days of leisure time. Franklin refused any monetary gifts and told Denny that he should put forward any of his proposals that were good for the people, but Denny still had disputes as his predecessors did. John and Benjamin, the two middle sons, were trained as dyers, though Benjamin, his namesake records, was also a poet, politician, and inventor of a shorthand system. Ben Franklin was well liked by the other men at his printing shop.

As a young man, Franklin’s religious or, perhaps, anti-religious ideas were more extreme than the one’s he puts forth in the Autobiography. After Denhamn passes away and a second stint with Keimer doesn’t work, Franklin decides to start his own business. In 1788, the author says that he will not be able to utilize his papers as much as he had expected because many of them were lost in the recent Revolutionary War. They met once a month to discuss their affairs. He and his partner made improvements to the office, which were profitable for them after three years. While he was there, he saved money and stayed healthy by drinking water instead of beer (which was popular with other workers). To trust a man’s promise is one thing, but to undertake a month long passage without the money for return faire based solely on someone’s seemingly good intentions is another matter entirely. It is important to note that Franklin, in this first part of his Autobiography, at least claims that he is writing for his son and family, and not for the public at large.

Additionally, Franklin invented the Franklin stove, a metal-lined fireplace that is still used today. Benjamin Franklin wanted to start a militia because he thought it was necessary. Franklin loved reading. There was also a famous lawyer named Andrew Hamilton on board the ship with his son, James.

Franklin tells an anecdote about how loud and clear Whitefield’s voice was when preaching to thousands of people at once. He worked hard and became an expert in accounts, as well as a great sailor (this was before the invention of steam power). Benjamin Franklin is the youngest son among Josiah Franklin’s 17 children. They made a good sum from this printing job as well as gained more influence among influential people there in Burlington who oversaw the printing of the money. Vaughn continues that another reason is that Franklin’s writing style is serviceable, shrewd, and well-composed.

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