13 amp socket how many volts

This rule does not apply for sockets not intended to be used for domestic appliances, but it is strongly advised to have class I sockets throughout the home.[47].

Import of plugs with non-partially-insulated pins no longer allowed after 2012. can i play USB on projector without USB port? This one features an in-built USB port . These two standards are; IRAM 2073 "Two pole plugs with earthing contact for domestic and similar purposes, rated 10 A and 20 A, 250 V AC" and IRAM 2071 "Two pole socket – outlets with earthing contact for 10 A and 20 A, 250 V AC., for fixed installations." It became compulsory on 1 January 2010. Their installation in new homes was still quite common even in the late 1980s. [16] The NBR 14136 standard has two versions, neither of which has pin dimensions or ratings complying with IEC 60906-1. The earliest national standard for plug and wall socket forms was set in 1915. It is rated at 16 A. The actual rating of non-rewirable plugs is marked according to the fuse fitted by the cord set manufacturer, the fuse rating being determined by the rating of the flexible cable. The pins are 4.8 by 19 mm (0.189 by 0.748 in). Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 3112 (Type I), used in Australasia, CEE 7/1 unearthed socket and CEE 7/2 unearthed plug, CEE 7/3 socket and CEE 7/4 plug (German "Schuko"; Type F), CEE 7/5 socket and CEE 7/6 plug (French; Type E), CEE 7/16 Alternative II "Europlug" (Type C), China GB 2099.1‐2008 and GB 1002‐2008 (Type A & I), Italian BTicino brand Magic security connector, Single phase electric stove plugs and sockets, Type letters are from the International Electrotechnical Commission (. The sockets will accept "Type  1x" plugs. So, if you run 2 lamps (1200 watts) the current will be = 1200/120 = 10 amps.

Today there are about 20 types in common use around the world, and many obsolete socket types are found in older buildings. The Europlug is not rewirable and must be supplied with a flexible cord. Numerous cross adaptors were used. In 1986, the International Electrotechnical Commission published IEC 60906-1, a specification for a plug and socket that look similar, but are not identical, to the Swiss plug and socket. It may be rated at either 10 A or 16 A, and may be used for unearthed Class II appliances (and in South Korea for all domestic non-earthed appliances).

[citation needed]. Some letter types correspond to several current ratings or different technical standards, so the letter does not uniquely identify a plug and socket within the type family, nor guarantee compatibility.

The requirement for insulated pins was introduced in the 2004 revision. The Norwegian standard is NEK 502:2005 – standard sheet X (socket) and sheet XI (plug). The plug is rated at 16 A. CEE 7/2 and 7/4 plugs are not compatible with the CEE 7/5 socket because of the round earthing pin permanently mounted in the socket. (Unpolarised AC adaptors are a common exception.). The isolation transformer often includes a 115 V output accepting two-pin US plugs (Type A).

SEV 1011 defines a "Type 1x" series of 10 A plugs and sockets.

CEE 7/1 socket accepts earthed CEE 7/3, CEE 7/5 and CEE 7/7 plugs but provides no earth connection. The socket accepts Europlugs and CEE 7/17 plugs.

Many 3 pin sockets in China include a physical lockout preventing access to the active and neutral terminals unless an earth pin (which is slightly longer than the other 2 pins) is entered first. It has a round body like the European CEE 7/2 or flat body with a round base like CEE 7/17. In Russia an electric stove can often be seen connected with a 25 to 32 A connector. Where a "neutral" conductor exists in supply wiring, polarisation of the plug can improve safety by preserving the distinction in the equipment. If you are referring to 120 volts lamps, then Power = 120 volts x 13 amps = 1560 watts. Use at 125 V is permitted by NBR 14136, which is against the intention of IEC 60906-1. [61] The socket is rectangular, with lateral key pins and indentations to maintain polarisation, and to prevent insertion of a plug with different current ratings.

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